Week Notes 21#33

A week focussed around looking forward to the new job:

  • After many, many weeks of waiting, it's finally happened - I've got the official job offer for the CDDO, and I've given in my notice!
    • It's meant it's been a pretty emotionally exhausting week - with the relief of background checks being OK, the mixed emotions of leaving, and the excitement of something new
    • Took a few days to get the blog post prepped, and thanks to Anna for proofreading before Thursday standup so I could post it as soon as the team had been told
    • Was odd telling the team - definitely would've been nicer if it were in person, although unfortunately not everyone was around for the news, and I do feel a bit bad that they heard through my post on #uk-se, rather than in person - but also with all the gossip going around, it was much better to have been through that than someone gossiping!
      • That being said, I'm glad I'm worthy of such gossip - sounds like there's been a lot of back and forth and "why's he bothering doing [this work] if he's just going to leave?"
    • I've had some lovely messages, but it's been really nice - I feel like I should leave more often
    • I'm 99% sure the person who let slip about me looking elsewhere is the person I first told at work - and who I asked to keep it secret - but 🤷
    • I've had a tonne of post views on LinkedIn (~4500 impressions) and Twitter (~3500 impressions) and ~500 views on the post itself - and it's been fun constantly checking my stats/on each platform
    • Got some celebratory Doughnotts which were very nommy!
    • Found a number of broken links on Saturday in my announce post, which is pretty mortifying!
  • Some more slow work on the Gherkin formatter, which is proving to be a rather painful endeavour - but having some more progress, albeit with further rewrites
  • Had a nice chat with Rich and Soph - who surprised us with the fact that they'd bought a house and moved in?!
  • Capital One have given the whole business next Friday off as holiday which is nice - so looking forward to this week being a three day week 👏
  • Saturday was spent recovering from a long week, and Sunday's been a mix of the same, and some more on gherkin formatting
  • I think Morph had made a friend with neighbour kitty - he was sitting opposite my office with them, looking at each other for a bit, then he went to scratch a tree, then back to looking at each other - but surprisingly chilled - hoping this is him turning a corner!
  • Finished up the garage door's magnetic holder
  • Got Serverless Wiremock working internally - pending the official contributions upstream being reviewed - and it's made some pretty significant improvements (~40-60% request time improvement!)


  • The Good Place
  • What If?
  • The Prestige

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