Week Notes 21#32

An alright week - some progress around the house, side projects, and work:

  • Had a lovely end to my family's visit - went out for a walk at Wollaton Park, had Five Guys with champagne, and the rest of the Beeston Brownies 😋
  • Got my second vaccine on Tuesday! As I'm awake earlier nowadays, I popped in about an hour early and got back home before I'd even have left for the original time. Had a bit of a bad headache Wednesday morning, but otherwise was fine
  • Made some more good progress with contract testing through Spring Cloud Contract and am looking forward to getting more understanding and investment
  • Been asked to mentor one of my colleagues, which was very nice, and I'm looking forward to it
  • Morph bit my nose - it was definitely called for, but usually I manage to escape before he gets me 🙃
  • Some weird dreams this week
  • Had a lovely catch up with Emma and Andrew, and picked up some TN stuff ahead of their move
  • Had an intro session for therapy and found that it went well, but should really try and book with someone else just to compare rather than going for the first person I've looked at
  • Waiting for second quotes for the windows as Anglian seem to want quite a bit more than I'd hoped for
  • Gherkin formatting has been a bit painful, and I've gone through several iterations but still not got to being able to manage indentation levels nicely, so am gonna have to write some stuff myself rather than relying on just the core library to do stuff for me, which is annoying
  • Not the healthiest week - got more Kansas BBQ bites though
  • Got a new magnetic lock for the garage door which is actually strong enough for the fire door which is good
  • Anna hosted Tech Nottingham which was very cool - and the green screen worked awesomely!
  • Had some good 1-to-1s with various members of the team - talking future plans, general socialising and some more chances for direct feedback
  • Had a good catchup with Rob and Shama - found I'm part of the "top talent" pool, which was pretty cool, and that I'd be able to shape my role into something I'd be wanting SDE4 to look like
  • Ran out of milk over the weekend - a first! - but meant we got pizza
  • New lateral flow tests don't require going down your throat which is a bonus
  • Had the new Cadbury's flavours and rate the Banoffee Pie most highly
  • Woke up about 6 one day, and cause I couldn't get back to slep, followed what the sleep app tells me to do and got up


  • Great News
  • The Expanse
  • Boss Level
  • The Suicide Squad
  • The Good Place
  • What If?

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