Week Notes 21#31

A busy week ahead of my family staying over the weekend:

  • Had a good catchup with Neeshu - really nice to see another friend in person, and we had a really good catch up on all things after so long
  • Spent some time investigating Spring Cloud Contract for some alternatives to internal tooling for contract testing, and am looking forward to getting something together over the coming weeks that we can start using
  • Started on, and made some very good progress with, the Gherkin pretty-printer for Java that will then be consumed by Spotless - thanks to Jack for the support, chat about this, and most importantly - the idea!
  • I've woken up early a couple of days this week, which I think is a sign that I'm actually now used to the wake up time, and my body is now on a schedule, although it's annoyingly about half an hour before expected
  • Had a good skip 10:10, talking about progression
  • Proved that my internal 3 minute timer that I use for tea is actually real - I predicted the time a few seconds before the timer went off!
  • Been getting some (eye watering) window quotes, and wasted ~90 minutes this week with a useless sales call
  • A very disappointing clean by the cleaners this week - lots of stuff not done, so pursuing alternatives, especially not good as they'd not booked in the clean, so it almost didn't happen before the family came
  • Tail end of a three day weekend was very fun, and a nice respite
  • Morph had a very awkward lunch squaring off against the ginger cat which seemed to want to come into the house - after some hissing and showing off, the ginger cat just sat down, with Morph having the high ground. Watched him later get crabby when it went to leave, and instead hid in a tree
  • Had my first Kansas BBQ bites from KFC and absolutely loved them, and have since been craving them all week
  • Had a lovely first day of my family staying, cooking them Warm Lemony Lamb Tabbouleh, and before they came we managed to get some Beeston Brownies from the local farmer's market, although we got rained on quite a bit! Also saw Auntie Anne for a bit which was nice. Been good to catch up with the family and more relaxed being indoors - also lovely having them here for their first overnight stay!
    • As it was a holiday, I got Dad some of the small multipack cereals - as he'd mentioned a few weeks back about how much he likes them on holiday - and in a similar vein, Cat brought the chocolate curls that we used to have on holiday, which was a very nice touch, and they brought back some good memories
  • Finished the sleep training!


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