Week Notes 21#30

In denial it's already August, but feeling better that I've at least done one thing for the house.

  • Spotted a lot more traffic for my Job DSL article - looks like it's due to it being on the front page of Google for Job DSL which is very cool!
  • Finished the garden, which looks really good - especially with some new trees planted - but feeling a bit more exposed than we used to, and ??
  • Had to cut Morph claws, for the first time ever, as they're not getting worn nearly as much as they used to be when he had to scrabble up the wall in the old house, and he keeps getting them stuck on blankets
  • Had some unsuccessful luck with Morph's flea tablets, although he very much needs to eat them!
  • Had some good convos late in the week on some code stories, and it's been nice to get some big stuff sorted!
  • Been some good progress on Open Source:
  • Been pretty tired in the evenings, so been doing more gaming than Vibrancy migration, and am looking forward to the new season of Apex starting next week
  • Into the final week of the sleep training, and played the system a little bit to answer questions so I could get more sleep
  • The weekend has been a bit of a slump - a busy week with the house, work and still not quite as much sleep as I feel I need - meant it's been a very slow weekend
    • We've spent lots of time with Morph on the sofa
    • Had an unnecessarily extravagant pudding (with accidentally burned cookie) as well as getting some cheeky Doughnotts - thoroughly enjoyed The Elvis
    • But it's lovely knowing we've got three day weekends through all of August!
    • Asda pizza was worth the early visit to Asda on Saturday
  • Had our first Morrisons order through Amazon which was pretty good
    • Managed to get This isn't Chicken for fajitas, which worked nicely
  • Anna's house is finally getting resolved!
  • Had a lovely walk on Saturday with Anna
  • Morph's been using his little hidey hole part way through his tower
  • Had the 6 week "warning" about work re-opening


  • Jolt
  • Love
  • Arrested Development (and stopped at the start of season 4)
  • Schitt's Creek
  • Great News
  • Black Widow
  • No Men Beyond This Point

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