Week Notes 21#29

A week of garden maintenance and unnecessary heat:

  • Been a very good week for the garden - we've had Holmes Contracting here, doing a lot of cleanup
    • Was nice them starting the day they came to quote
    • It's been really amazing how much the house is so much brighter, the garden is even huger than I remember and looks really great
    • It's lucky I've not done much in the house cause it's definitely been a bit costly - and at least a year further overdue than I expected
    • Been a bit odd having people in and out of the house, especially with rates going up so dramatically, and because we're so not used to it, but our camera setup has been good for extra confidence
  • Starting the sprint with all my stories complete in the first couple of days, which was a rewarding start to the PI, given this PI I'm no longer taking a step back
  • With a successful planning week under our belt, we finished at 1400 on Tuesday, which was nice, especially as the weather was so good
  • Had some good gossip with the team leadership as well as heading about some behind-the-scenes stuff that I was really disappointed to hear
  • Cut Morph's claws for the first time - it went surprisingly well, not least because of all the dreamies
  • Had a difficult conversation - off the back of being pretty sure about my decision - that I'd not been looking forward to, but am very glad with how it happened, and how it went
  • Had a lovely Friday night with the gang - didn't join for the TN meeting, but had a really good Athenian, especially with the This Isn't Chicken!! Leftover chips + halloumi worked very nice re-heated
  • Been making progress with Vibrancy, but getting the frontend right has been quite difficult - lots to upskill on!
  • Reshuffled my office, hoping that it'll be a bit better, but I guess we'll see
  • Morph's been chilling on the dining room table through this week, as it seems to be quite nice and cool
  • Completed all the levels in Super Mario 3D - albeit the last level with a bit of help - so now on to 100% it
  • Spent most of the weekend biting my lip (my reaction) - to the point I had to pause eating lunch on Saturday and have something cold to take the swelling down - making it a very painful, frustrating couple of days
  • Was worried an ulcer on one of my gums looked like the tooth was exposed, but it's all good
  • Anna managed to get some Asda pizza, which was so good 😋
  • Walked into town to drop stuff off for the estate agents, and got sosme Pudding Pantry ice cream on the way back - very weird being back in town, and
  • Had my first on-call callout whhich unfortunately I missed - fortunately I wasn't needed, but not good. As I wasn't expecting to be on call this week, I've found my mind hasn't been remembering to carry around my work phone
  • Managed to get 12 minutes back from this weekend's updated sleep training
  • My favourite glass was lost
  • Something's gottten into the green bin, rooting into the raw chicken packet
  • Despidered the entrance to the cellar, which was teeming with spiders with very large sacs of babies, and some already hatched babies


  • Black Widow
  • Arrested Development
  • Love
  • Schitt's Creek
  • Flaked

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