Week Notes 21#28

A pretty tiring week of not being able to catch up on sleep as I needed after a busy weekend, and with planning and the heat, it's been a bit πŸ₯±:

  • Started the week with losing some photoframes to Morph
  • Had some good Wiremock-related discussions, hoping to get things into a place where I can get a PR raised for the Server-less setup in Wiremock core
  • Self-saboutaged with my sleep app - looks like I've been answering one of the questions wrong (thinking it meant "did you feel you got enough sleep" instead of "did you wake up earlier than the app says you should") so I'm being punished with later bedtimes, which is leading to being much more exhausted through the week
    • Been enjoying the routine of spending 0730-0800 with Morph on my lap while he waits for breakfast
  • Found that being second place can actually be the best thing
  • Concentration in PI planning has been pretty low
  • Now Chef pipelines are planned work, I'm starting to speed along with things to get it ready for customers within the PI, and am looking forward to have committed time for getting stuff done
  • A scortcher of a weekend, but ever reminding us of the climate emergency
  • A very productive Saturday, completely reshuffling the garage, putting shelves up, and organising and making room for the various bits we've got
  • Made some good progress in converting this site over to Vibrancy today, although I've not quite been able to finish it due to the brainpower required to replace the different templating tools - but getting some good progress, and feeling like it's probably gonna be sorted in time for the end of Homebrew this Wednesday
  • Anna's double vaxxed today, so had a lovely pre-brunch ice cream, lovely brunch and chat at Homemade
  • Decided we wouldn't try celebratory Asda, as things are really bad COVID wise, and with more and more reports of people getting it - and us not yet being double vaxxed - we didn't wanna risk it. Managed to get some Doughnotts though, after craving them for a few weeks!
  • Had some news about some very well deserved promotions this week, and looking forward to the next few days bringing announcements of others
  • Some Ring Fit this week, and a lot of moving of things over the weekend
  • Booked off every Monday in August and September to hopefully help with the various TODO lists, and have some nice time off
  • Various downtimes this week for the GitLab runners on Kubernetes, and my various microservices, so moving to Vibrancy is definitely feeling like a good option
  • Morph had a staring contest with a squirrel living above our bedroom, but obviously couldn't get it
  • Got a McFlurry after the walk to and from the old house to check in on it
  • Listened to a lot of Moving On and Last Night on Earth (Nigel Stanford Remix)
  • Had my 100th Ring Fit
  • Been miscalculating the time it takes to get ready for bed ahead of my bedtime deadline
  • Jim's moved to M8B
  • Found the salamander pump in the cupboard controls the pressure in the main bathroom, not the spare water tank
  • Had some awful tinned mangos
  • Finally got around to sorting my PC's power button which has been sticking since I spilled beer on it during the FOSDEM catchup
  • Started talking about Gherkin formatting for Spotless with Jack


  • Loki - a phenomenal end to the series, setting things up nicely, but not leaving on (that much) of a cliffhanger
  • Black Widow
  • Schitt's Creek
  • Love
  • Flaked

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