Week Notes 21#27

Most of the week off, the weekend at my family's, and good news for the old house!

  • Morph's continued to have access to the living room overnight, which has unfortunately improved his mood, so we'll be continuing that for the foreseeable
  • Also started using Insomnia Coach to improve my sleep, although it's led to the app thinking I have a bad sleeping pattern, as I've been staying up with Anna in solidarity for her app's routine
    • Been pretty frustrating this weekend - on the first few days of it dictating sleeping pattern - for me not being given the chance to follow it. But at least been getting up on time(ish) so I'm starting to get into it
  • Been a good week of chatting Ticket Auth, and was glad to get my POC out for others to use
  • Innersourcing went well on Stubs, not least because of the work we've done to improve the process
  • Finally got the Kubernetes setup merged
    • Had a very stressful Friday afternoon switching off the GKE setup, but finding that my post-deploy, and GitLab CI runners were broken, about an hour before leaving for the weekend and not having core services bust
    • Also taken the opportunity to migrate that to Gradle
    • Then upgraded www-api to JDK16, so I can start to use new language features like Records, but also so I can start getting SonarQube scanning
    • Also took the time to invest in migrating media-type and content-type-negotiation to Gradle + adding SonarQube
  • Had a weekend down in London, staying at Cat's for the first time - it felt like her own home, rather than what use to be Kaki's, which was nice
    • Was a bit of a shock going back to having only one bathroom
    • Very much missed Morph, but was glad we managed to get some cameras in the Amazon Treasure Truck, so we could keep an eye on the house, but mostly Morph - especially finding out what interesting things he gets upto when we're not there, it felt like getting a secret peek into his life
    • Saw the cousins for a bit, which was nice
    • Had a lot of lovely food and drink - Dad's burger's, fresh Mojitos, a full english (+ pancakes) and chocolate cheesecake!
    • Showed the family Ring Fit, and gave them a bit of an idea of what I do
    • Got my first bit of affection from Luna - a kitty kiss against my ear this morning, then she came over later to stretch between my legs
  • Got 100% completion of Bowser's Fury, and unblocked my progress in Super Mario 3D World
  • A social Homebrew with Carol, with some good IndieWeb, life, and work chat to get me into the mood to return to work the next day
  • Decided I'm going to start investigating the process to get a therapist


  • Loki
  • Schitt's Creek
  • Love
  • Euro 2020 final

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