Week Notes 21#26

A week of birthdays - Morph's, Dad's and Anna's - and half the week off:

  • Morph decided to worry us for his 10th birthday with being quite poorly - very on brand being so inconveniencing
    • On Tuesday, his 10th birthday, he wasn't looking too great, hadn't eaten much. In the late morning I popped down to check on him and he really wasn't feeling great. In the afternoon, we found one substance-less vom, and then over the afternoon found another two in quick succession, so spent the first evening of our week off on a half hour car ride with him to the emergency vets
    • After they saw him, they wanted him to stay overnight so they could give him fluids and look after him
    • When we got him back, we needed to keep him in, keeping an eye on his litter tray usage, and make sure he was eating and drinking
    • It took most of the week for him to settle back to his usual self, and has been pretty emotionally taxing on top of everything else, and we were a bit more attentive than usual, not leaving him for that long, and when seeing he was having issues with reaching things, put out chairs so he could jump more easily, raise his water so he could reach them more easily, and put a blanket down so he could snuggle without jumping up to the sofa
    • Although he'd passed some water, we still weren't seeing him drinking, and aside from forcing him to we weren't really sure what to do. However, knowing his weakness for Tuna, I gave him some tuna water which he lapped up, so then gave him some normal water with some tuna mixed in, and that also helped, and started him to remember that water is good for him
    • He's been enjoying using his downstairs bed even now he's not poorly
  • Had a lovely chilled day for Anna's birthday - leftovers, garden centre, and just being around the house
  • Led to my family coming up for the day on Friday, as we didn't feel comfortable leaving Morph, and travel situation is a little awkward for me on my own
    • Massively threw off the plans, ruining a few days down in London with the family, and seeing other fam which was a shame, but the right call - even though on Friday Morph was basically fine again 🙄
    • Was really nice they were able to come - we'd made up the spare room, but they decided they didn't want to when it was a bit rushed - and they brought food (pancakes and chicken shawarma) up too, so we didn't even have to do anything!
  • Bought and played some of Lego Builder's Journey
  • Migrated from GKE to Digital Ocean's Kubernetes for cost saving, but have found tweaking the infrastructure sizing - and maybe upstream changes - has led to issues with memory sizing for my services, and has been pretty frustrating tbh - and led to a couple of days of intermittent / no access to my services
  • Another week of waiting and a bittersweet rejection at 1710 on a Friday - was great to know that I got it, but sucks to have not got it. Hoping something comes out of it now the result is on file!
  • Had some fun with Spring Boot Actuator's auditing as a way to get visibility on authentication/authorization fails on my services and will hopefully get a blog post out for it soon - as well as some opportunities at work
  • Didn't do any Ring Fit this week - but bits and pieces around the old house, so definitely got some exercise in
  • Got our first Rikshaw in a while - the menu's changed a bit, which we aren't super bought into; it's more street food oriented, which is their thing, but meant there's fewer poppadoms, and wasn't any choice of spice level - it was lucky we wanted medium, cause I wouldn't expect a Butter Chicken to have been medium heat 😅 The mango chutney was especially good though, so that was a big plus!
  • Got my changes to Stubs Service (for the shared testing library) merged so now it's in a good place for some innersourcing this sprint!
  • Been helping with the Ticket Auth brainstorming)
  • Got my CloudFront set up to do domain redirects, which also should fix some SEO issues I would've been seeing
  • Did our first COVID tests - at home - and felt it wasn't done well enough because it wasn't quite as unpleasant as everyone says it is, albeit it was pretty not-fun
  • Had a disappointing Asda trip, although I could've given their English Breakfast pizza a go
  • I'm supporting Charles' intern project as Product Owner, which I'm looking forward to giving a try, and am looking forward to where we get to with it


  • Captain Marvel
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Archer
  • Schitt's Creek
  • Loki
  • Secret Eaters
  • Team Thor

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