Week Notes 21#25

A very long, exhausting week:

  • Started off the week with a pretty stressful morning off
  • Making progress with getting the backlog better refined at work, hoping to make it so we've got a good source of stuff to work on as-and-when we're ready
  • Blockages at work with pipelines hitting inconsistent deployment issues, and some odd DNS issues, too, meant things kinda ground to a halt and were pretty frustrating all round
  • Solving something centrally that affects 46 different projects, and previously would've required each of those projects have changes to make, was pretty good, although was pretty frustrating to need to be the one to do it
  • Spent a fair bit of the week getting the spare room ready for our first guests - which now looks really great
    • Had a lovely time seeing all the Dodsons - was nice to see Dave and Faye for the first time in 18 months!
    • Hung a mirror, which involved looking into some fancy wall plugs and was some real DIY!
    • Had some difficulty getting Dave's Oculus Quest 2 working on our network, streaming Superhot from my PC, and various other unknowns like needing to have Steam VR running / restarting it when connection was lost - unfortunately after all of that, the throwing capabilities were pretty broken - which is apparently a known issue - so meant trying to play Superhot as it should be was pretty difficult
    • Played Moon Rider and had some fun (read: my arms didn't want to lift any more) with the Super hard mode for Emotion - Uppermost and Got Me Thinking - Maduk
    • The old rug from the living room is being officially retired
    • Had a super tasty Sunday roast with Anna's parents, and had a lovely afternoon chatting and playing/watching more VR
  • Got the kitchen fully Hue'd - thanks to some Prime day discounts - and with the spare bulbs, even did our ensuite with a spare motion sensor
  • Went to see The Muskham Ferry
  • Some progress on side projects, but this week has been primarily Apex focussed in the free time I've had, after getting a very WIP PR for Localstack "stay open" lambdas
  • Lots of checking emails
  • Got an exercise mat for Ring Fit
  • Wrote the JWE decryption article earlier in the week, but forgot to git push - woops!
  • Got an Eve memory foam pillow after ages of wanting one given Anna's is great


  • Loki
  • Archer
  • Schitt's Creek

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