Week Notes 21#24

Honestly can't remember much that has happened this week 😅 but I'm absolutely shattered right now!

  • Made some really good progress with Stubs Service's test coverage, using the new library, and adding test coverage for the missing cases - was really quite happy with how things look, and am looking forward to us having the first innersourcing to see just how speedily we can ship changes!
  • Busy weekend prepping the spare room - painting looks really good, and once the cleaners have been, we'll finalise the assembly ahead of Anna's family next weekend
  • Got Asda pizza, but may have been a bit risky as Arnold wasn't exactly full of folks who were trying to be the most conscientious
  • As we wanted to watch a second part of a TikTok from the gang - and the web app made it so horribly user hostile - I ended up re-downloading TikTok, and so far have had good experience with the algorithm!
  • Made my way through the leftover cheeesecake from last weekend, and most of the way through the Gulab Jamboo 😋
  • After a long break from Switch, I've played some Bowser's Fury this weekend
  • Morph had an excellent outside vom - getting some real height on it
  • Installed an Ethernet plug in the spare room
  • Not much personal project - or Localstack PR - success this week, been pretty tired so it's been mostly Apex in evenings


  • Loki
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • The Imitation Game
  • Archer
  • Schitt's Creek

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