Week Notes 21#23

A pretty exhausting week ahead of the family coming on Saturday:

  • Spent a fair bit of time digging into improving the performance of Localstack's Java lambdas, which has taken over my side project time this week
    • Managed to dig into both reducing cold starts, and allowing concurrent invocations of the Lambda, and am hoping to have a WIP PR raised for the former soon, and finalise the hacky solution for the latter later this week
  • Accelerating the Chef pipelines progress - partially as Marija's announced she's leaving, but also because I wanna get it live as soon as possible, so I can see people using it. Managed to get connectivity for QA late on Friday, so rushed to get things started for QA uploads, proving out the patterns before we open up prod traffic
  • Noticed cucumber-reporting-plugin is deprecated, but am now officially mentioned as an alternative as I'd love to keep it still usable - both for work, and others who would be using it
  • Had a pretty interesting chat over Thursday lunch, and am excited to see what comes out of it
  • A week off the wagon - only one Ring Fit, and a very large box of Lidl treats this week
  • Got my first vaccine! Even knowing how it had been explained by everyone else, it was still a bit weird. But very well run and pretty efficient
  • Had a nice time with the family, being able to be indoors, but enjoying the sun, and enjoyed having three meals of Oscar and Rosie's in a row - although it wasn't as good cold as warm, unlike Asda pizza!
  • Had a lovely Sunday brunch with the gang
  • Had an unnecessarily decadent cookie + Phish Food combo post vaccine but 🤷
  • Morph was very excited to bring in a catch - found a mouse (and then a second) by the compost - and to show it to us, but then was very annoyed when we took it away from him
  • Morph started the week on edge, seeming a little scared, and not wanting to go out
    • His routine of wanting a post-nap spray in evenings has been getting pretty annoying, but at least we've got the spray bottle!
  • Been a very warm week, so sleep and life has been a bit disturbed, but been enjoying having the opportunity to be outside a bit more, and I've definitely started building up a tan - and a bit of a pink nose!
  • Still really frustrating how there are a few people out there who aren't wearing masks, and not socially distancing at all


  • Loki
    • Which, funnily enough, we'd missed on Wednesday, after being so excited to see it last weekend
  • Archer
  • Schitt's Creek

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