Week Notes 21#22

A four day week, with a fair bit of stuff done around the house, procrastinating mid-year:

  • Cut the grass - naturally in my sliders - and left Morph his favourite spot, although he's not used it
    • But had the unfortunate experience of getting cat poo all over my sliders
  • Sorted and organised all my tshirts!
  • Thought I'd solved the heating timing issue, but ended up just turning off our ability to have hot water
    • Then actually solved the heating timer, although the controls are awful, old, and (physically) painful to use
  • Fixed the curtain pull cord in the bedroom
  • Got a first pass of the spare room's painting done
    • Listened to some interesting podcasts from the cool stuff GDS is doing
    • Was pretty surprised with how good it mostly looks at our first attempt
  • Pretty happy with being able to get some good blog posts out this week
  • Lots of cooking this week
  • A lovely Sunday afternoon with the crew to celebrate Andrew's upcoming birthday - despite the risk of rain!
    • Audrey gave me some love which was cute
  • Plumber finally got around to coming and sorting the drippy tap - just as I managed to perfect the level of dripping
  • Procrastinated some more about my mid-year appraisal, ending up working late on Friday to get it to a better place, before finishing it tomorrow
  • Got our first service on PAR, and am very excited to ship it tomorrow!
  • Made a great start on the shared quotation testing library, and am looking forward to some discussions this week to start progressing it
  • Got my first bill for GKE 😬 so looking at cost saving
  • Finally had another haircut, so feeling a bit lighter in the head
  • Not a great week for Ring Fit
  • Had our first Rakki Rakkas in a while, and a Zaap to celebrate us doing a thing
  • Was sad it wasn't Loki this week
  • Cereals fiasco left me with boring Cornflakes all week


  • Pokémon Detective Pikachu_
  • Archer
  • Hancock
  • Gave up on The Sum of All Fears, as it was very slow
  • Schitt's Creek

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