Week Notes 21#21

  • Rich Fairbank strategy this week - that I didn't attend - meant that the days were frontloaded with work, and afternoons were pretty quiet
  • Ended up doing what I usually do with a free house - the same as I usually do
  • Had a good chat with Kieran and picked up on a few areas for blog posts - and chatting with the QE community - about how better we can write our tests
  • Cute cat from next door made it inside the perimiter, and Morph just let it! He gave them a bit of a stare down, but they walked past
  • Made some pretty good cost savings for Chef pipelines by replacing m4.mediums with t3a.mediums - its per-second billing masively saved, even when running 10x the number of instances ($70 vs $0.20)!
  • Managed to resolve the threading / authentication issues with my post-deploy / google-fit sending
  • Found a bug in my post-deploy cron config due to Spring's different setup, and it was sending every 6 minutes, not 6 hours - woops!
  • Discovered that nothing has been notifying me cause I added the wrong secret for it - all resolved now!
  • Had some difficulty digging into logstash-logback-encoder and slf4j-test, and have raised issues upstream, but am writing up the options for folks, especially as we're currently migrating services
  • Set up the whirlygig, but not very well, so it's pretty wonky
  • Got my CV sorted, just in time for the deadline - or maybe not, as it may have been a day early - but was very late
  • Made an unsuccessful mini crumble, not least because I ended up leaving it in for the best part of an hour 😅, because Alexa doesn't notify me, and I got engrossed in www-api
  • Had a lovely Sunday afternoon and evening at Carol and Thom's for sun, drinks, and Filthy Vegan with Emma and Andrew
  • When we got back, Morph was not impressed by neighbour kitty blocking his cat flap - and hissed quite a bit at the other cat when he got inside
  • Morph's got a new routine - trying to spray every evening after a nap, so that's fun
  • May have been soft banned from Hacker News due to me always posting my own stuff - woops


  • Sexify
  • Shazam
  • Archer
  • Argo

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