Week Notes 21#20

A week of some not great sleep, busy CV writing, and a very social weekend ending exhausted:

  • Made some very good progress on hire.jvt.me, and think it'll be ready by Tuesday
  • A weekend seeing Anna's family, which was nice, but quite a shock to the system having a weekend of seeing people, and hosting
    • Morph, obviously, wasn't happy with it either and made it very known!
    • But he also was very cute after everyone's left, and has been extra snuggly
  • Managed to get secrets read/write working on my new Kubernetes setup, but race conditions are leading to refresh tokens getting lost - also still got issues with the post-deploy setup trying to hit the same pages multiple times, so am looking at rebuilding it to use ActiveMQ, which will hopefully deal with it a bit better
  • Managed to get the spare bed ordered, and partially delivered, although the spare room isn't yet painted
  • Had some good sessions looking at the code review from last sprint
  • Opposite's cat came into the garden and was just so cute, but I may have encouraged it too much as its cute little face kept trying to come in 🥺
  • Anna got her first vaccine! Didn't manage to get mine while we were there, but it's really starting to all come together!
  • Some fun new stuff broken in the house - leaky bathroom tap and the curtain pull cord
  • Started some progress on sharing out the structured logging work, and making improvements on our prod support docs
  • Made an imitation KFC Gravy Burger with leftover roast chicken which was a poor imitation, but still good!


  • Archer
  • Love
  • Edge of Tomorrow
  • Sexify
  • Source Code
  • Always Be My Maybe

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