Week Notes 21#19

A quadruple meetup week, being very busy at work, and an overnight:

  • A really busy week with two big stories pushing against the limits of what we've committed to, and a bit of frustration of not being able to help move the stories along - not for lack of trying
    • Definitely been a chance to improve on my ability to be hands off, while understanding when to get involved, and when to come across a bit more strongly than suggesting things
    • Had a bit of difficulty with trying to describe the ideal pattern without the pro/con list, but think I've taken that as a learning
    • Trying to keep things on track, and making sure we're keeping aligned with our commitments
    • Had some good chats with Shama too - about how to handle these things better (i.e. just talk to people, don't let it), and looking into some of the causes for what's happened this week, and what can improve things for later
    • Did build some cool things around content negotiation
  • Kubernetes for www-api is pretty close to being done, but want it sorted before I post the blog post about it:
    • Managed to get it all up and serving traffic!
    • Haven't yet got persisted secrets for post-deploy/google-fit, bit am hoping to have it done early this week
    • Had an easy time setting up fluentd uplift to Logz.io, but then quite a difficult time getting the configuration working to parse JSON-formatted logs
    • May not be the cost-saving improvements I had hoped for, but let's see what I can do
    • Running CI runners on Kubernetes has been faster than on Hetzner, which is cool
  • Saw Emma over lunch on Friday which was lovely, and got my first job as a waiter!
  • Had an overnight region switch which was a bit longer than hoped, but meant that I was off on Wednesday morning which gave me a slower start to the day which was nice - did some (non-work) code review, a bit more on (still failing) Spotless JSON PR
  • Webmention IndieWeb Pop-Up was good, although I didn't contribute too much, there were some good conversations
    • Was fun finding out I'm 80% of outgoing Telegraph notifications
  • Morph's been a little frustrating this week
  • Got yet another side project - hire.jvt.me (yet to be published) as a way to keep my CV updated, using h-resume, and see what it looks like and how it applies to the current job market
  • A safer Ikea trip on Tuesday, and managed to look at some of the nice stuff and get some ideas. Ordered some of the spare room stuff at the weekend, although the bed went out of stock while we were measuring things up, and the mattress didn't arrive today when it was meant to
  • Started on the prep for the painting of the spare room, but didn't get around to the painting
  • A bad Ring Fit week - Wednesday I meant to do it later in the day / mid-morning as I didn't wanna get up early after my overnight, but didn't, and Friday I got bits for lunch with Emma just didn't do Ring Fit
  • One of the local strays (that I think has worms...) got about a foot into the house before we realised and chased it away - but Morph definitely saw it and was not happy
  • Officially had my council tax be re-evaluated and bumped up a band - not impressed!

Listened to:

  • The Pirate Bay on Darknet Diaries


  • Love
  • Archer
  • Baby Driver
  • Paradise P.D

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