Week Notes 21#18

A four day week, with bank holiday Monday starting very early, then waiting over an hour for the plumber to come 😤

  • New season of Apex, but started with a lot of hug ops, as the servers were bust
  • Had a not-so-fun conversation which left me with plenty more guilt about not planning for the weeks/months ahead now things are loosening up with restrictions
  • Started looking at Kubernetes for my personal API infrastructure, so I can more easily push out new services, as well as giving me a bit of experience with it!
    • Got it most of the way set up, with secrets managed a bit better, and being pretty happy with the way that things are working
    • Hopefully will migrate www-api tomorrow fully, so I can get a blog post + merge out on Tuesday, and hoping to get some good feedback about it too
    • Was a bit annoying having a (planned) GitLab outage on Saturday morning which blocked me doing much during that period, but still managed to get bits done
  • Really happy that Test Kitchen connectivity got proved out at work, and are now running seamlessly, and am glad that it does given it's now unlocking a few other use cases that we've got
  • Had some good discussions about API versioning, especialy around how content-negotiation actually works, and the difficulties we have with producing content-aware services
  • A not-so-great productivity weekend - finally getting around to being able to do the spare room, but alas, it was not possible
    • Dulux' paint cans are not great if they fall over ever so slightly - having to spend most of Saturday afternoon cleaning paint out of the car, both from the initial fall, and the one I tried to preemptively protect, was not fun, and ended up leading to the whole weekend's plans being ruined
    • Ikea on Sunday was so busy, with long queues, and ended up going back pretty much straight after we got there
    • Saw the cutest little diddy doggo in the queue to Decathalon and
    • Got "Cat Dad" and "Cat Mum" mugs which are very cute, and am looking forward to seeing what they're like tomorrow!
  • Blogumentation has been on a few other aggregators, so had a bit more traffic to the site this week
  • A mixed week with Morph - more counter spray, him generally annoying us with how hard it is to understand what's up with him, while also being the cutest, coming over to me this morning for cuddles, and meowing through the front window for about half an hour, begging to be let in 😹
  • Tracked down a pesky static IP costing me ~£20/mo on Google Cloud


  • The end of The Terminal
  • Dinner with Friends / Friendsgiving
  • Paradise P.D.
  • Coded Bias
  • Love Wedding Repeat
  • Modern Family
  • Good Girls Revolt
  • Stardust

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