Week Notes 21#16

A pretty good week:

  • The end of planning, and kicking off the PI with some interesting stuff
  • Finally measured up the windows, drew some diagrams, and am ready to send them off to the various companies for quotes tomorrow, after a weird dream where one of my wedding vows was to do them
  • My site got pretty popular this week after Software Lead Weekly featured my Blogumentation post
  • Met some of the team on Saturday in West Bridgford and had a lovely time in the sun, just chilling in the park, and had a good couple of hours just chilling and chatting. Was nice seeing Shama, Bethany and Prashant in person for the first, time too! Tushar brought Doughnotts, too, which definitely helped too 😋 (and also was probably the first time I've worn jeans since last March)
  • Got my first contribution to Spotless raised, which I'm looking forward to using, and enjoyed trying out Reflection a little more
  • Fixed my step counts not publishing
  • Had a pretty awful sleep after a rather large first German Donner Kebab, given Chapati Junction being closed for Ramadan, which wasn't a great way to lead into the weekend
  • Got things almost done for Test Kitchen setup, and had some good feedback from consumer teams about the usefulness of the new pipeline setup
  • Although Morph seemed to be generally better and we thought he'd turned a corner, he's not had a great second half of the week
  • Made an awesome crimble crumble!
  • Had a bit of a panic with my desktop not working today, and no displays showing up, but it ended up working in the end
  • Excited for the new season of Apex Legends after the reveals this week
  • Got the first Asda pizza of the new house! Although it took a bit longer in the current oven, it was perfect, and went well with the chicken dippers starter
  • Morph's definitely been using his new secret bed in the kitchen
  • Had my blog be quite popular at work too - apparently it's been mentioned in another goal team's ceremonies, and I've had someone reach out to say thanks for one of my posts


  • A very good end to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  • Modern Family
  • The Five Year Engagement
  • Molly's Game
  • Drifters
  • Life As We Know It
  • The Witcher

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