Week Notes 21#15

The end of a PI, the start of planning, and a successful Tech Nottingham:

  • My IndieWeb talk at Tech Nottingham on Monday went well!
    • Was really nice to just kick back and enjoy the talk with everyone else, and chatting on Slack
    • Had some good questions, and nothing as out there as Josh's NottsJS talk
    • Felt quite happy, and that it was a bit of a relief having it over, not that I'd spent a lot of time prepping for it 😅
    • Noticed as part of my prep to demo my site that step counts hadn't been publishing
  • Dad got his second dose of vaccine!
  • Stood on Morph's foot while doing Ring Fit, which was very not great. He ran away from me, even when I tried to get some Dreamies, then did it again, sprinting out the cat flap 🥺
  • Morph's spent a fair bit of time outside this week outside enjoying the weather, and has made a pass at a couple of squirrels
  • Dropped off Carol and Thom's housewarming presents and had a nice time chatting
  • Had a dream I made Andrew a non-Vegan cheese panini, who was too polite to not eat it all
  • Planning has been alright so far, there's a couple of things we're doing to shuffle things around to support the rest of the goal team, and of course had surprise extra work to do
    • Been enjoying not talking all the time, and 9-4 days have been better, and we're in a really good place so far
  • Had a good bit of fun with dependency graphs for Chef, looking into dependency graphs, and learning a bit more about Berkshelf's inner workings and Chef's upload process
  • In Chef pipelines, managed to finalise my Test Kitchen setup, played with Terraform, and got some good buy-in for next PI, ahead of Monday's planning with Orion
  • New standing mat is pretty good, and has made it a bit different and a bit less fatigued
  • Tonight's leftovers dinner wasn't too filling, so had a not-quite-poutine which was very good
  • Another pretty bad night's sleep coming into Monday morning
  • A quiet Homebrew unfortunately, especially after plugging it a fair bit in my talk
  • Ended up having a good catch up with Cat instead of getting to PHPMiNDS
  • Plumber still hasn't been called
  • Set up Anna's new desk on Saturday, and the new office setup looks awesome
  • Morph got his new tower, but hasn't been using it as much as we'd hoped (yet) but are hoping he settles into it


  • Finished Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • Sex Education
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  • Modern Family
  • Thunder Force
  • The Five Year Engagement

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