Week Notes 21#14

A pretty alright four day week:

  • Got my talk for TN done ahead of next week!
    • Was pretty happy I got it done so far ahead of the event, as we were all quite sure that I was gonna be doing it live
    • Felt much better, having the dry run and recording on Monday
    • Feedback from Andrew and Carol was super helpful, and meant that Thursday evening I got it recorded, and it was just off my mind!
  • Prep for PI planning has gone well, and things are looking good for the next week
  • Had a really bad sleep ahead of work on Tuesday, which meant it was quite a slow day, but was alright given it was coming back after the long weekend
  • Some more vivid dreams this week:
    • May have fought one of my colleagues, fled the scene and ran for miles
    • Found cats hiding in the spare room cause they burrowed in? Very weird, and no idea how Morph didn't know there were so many cats in the house, although wondered if that was what caused him to be like he is
    • There was definitely something like a plane crash, or a not quite plane crash?
    • Had a holiday to Australia, aside from the snake attacks
  • Played a good game of Five Finger Showdown with the team, and learned soem cool things about everyone
  • Had some good games of Apex this week
  • Had a nice Saturday with Anna's fam at Clumber Park, although I definitely didn't dress warmly
    • Had a very cute breakfast with Morph resting his head on the side of his bed, poking out and keeping one eye on us while he napped
  • Got our window film up in the bedroom for a bit more privacy from nebby neighbours, and shuffled things around
  • Doing some more good stuff with the Chef pipelines, and getting things into a place that I'm going to be especially pleased with!
  • Managed to get the clock on the boiler changed, after much difficulty
  • Made a stab at sorting the toilet, but have since procrastinated with calling the plumber. Maybe next week I'll do it?
  • Mum got her second dose of vaccine!
  • Got a really cool shout out on Twitter for my site, pretty nice from someone with 52K followers!
  • Got the awesome Purple Pandas and Asgard team hoodies
  • Eaten a fair bit more chocolate than I should have
  • Had a really bad sleep on Tuesday with my back not being super happy, and ended up being able to listen to most of Temple Rain on Headspace, which was nice, but not as nice
  • Ordered a Topo Mat for standing, a bit pricey, but will hopefully make standing easier


  • Finished Crashing
  • Suits
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  • Finished The Dutchess
  • Finished Big Mouth
  • Modern Family
  • Palm Springs
  • This is 40
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  • Watched most of Forgetting Sarah Marshall while writing these

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