Week Notes 21#09

  • My first Zoom funeral, which was sad, a bit weird not singing hymns, and having connection issues didn't help
  • Got the windows people round to measure, but didn't get a chance to go check out the samples
  • Had a productive 10% day working on fluentd configuration, and fighting regexes, but made some really awesome progress on providing structured logging, which will be hugely helpful for supportability
  • Had some good time recharging on Saturday
  • Found that apparently there are some people who think that "men are a gender minority", and are expected to be invited to minority events, which gave us an infuriating chuckle
  • A quiet Homebrew
  • Added support for Micropub CRUD on my articles, which will be useful, even if it is just for updating syndication links
  • Got my micropub.rocks setup working, and my first PR ready for reviews
  • Telegraph delays led to ~1 week of mentions being sent a bit late, so syndicated tweets came late, but 🀷
  • Asda delivery, obviously, came earlier than the 0800 delivery slot
  • Temporarily lost the recycling bin
  • Had a nice catch up with Neeshu
  • Bought a new CPU, which is the first step to doing my TN talk, so you could say I'm super prepared πŸ˜…
  • Morph had a very stressful Friday/Saturday, with a tonne of cats trying to get into the house - plant spray bottle and hissing at them helped - but he then spent most of Saturday asleep with us so that was really nice, and we had a good recharging weekend
    • Morph just trotting over last night, and settling himself in the nook between the arm of the sofa and Anna was 😻
  • Chef pipelines are imminently ready, just been waiting on container tweaks, and it's given me a chance to chat to some folks about fixing some previously broken ChefSpec tests which is good
  • Tech Con this week at work which had a good mix of talks - but has also given me a lot of talks to watch after the fact, as I had quite a few clashes
    • Enjoyed the very 🌢 Q&As on appreciation, engagement and performance management
  • Started on the Death Star jigsaw
  • Lost a glass


  • Guns Akimbo
  • What's Your Number?
  • What Happens in Vegas
  • Superstore (which had been a really sad start to the last season, and hasn't been as good unfortunately)
  • Sex Education
  • Bad Moms
  • John Tucker Must Die
  • What to Expect When You're Expecting in solidarity for our wonderful friends who've had exciting news this week
  • WandaVision finished this week with a very good episode
  • The Proposal

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