Week Notes 21#07

  • Started the week off pretty well with a lie in (as I'd forgotten to re-enable my Ring Fit morning alarms), and took our leftover Ohanne's chips and chicken and made a pretty good loaded fries
  • Couldn't use Twitter for a bit on Wednesday, as the app kept crashing after muting someone who was being promoted from a topic
  • Another week of being able to remember dreams - boring ones like Lombok and code review, to a bit darker
  • Went to Lidl (twice in the same morning) to get bits for the week, which has meant this week has been drowning in Morph's meowing begging for chicken
  • Got some Doughnotts to start the three day weekend, which we both had off and gave us a bit of breathing room while we worked through some of our TODO lists!
  • Had a pretty positive Thursday morning - possibly a mix of a chat with Shama / getting my dailies in before work
  • Morph has managed to hurt my nose with his aggressive kitty kisses, although it seems to be a bit better since Thursday
  • Getting hounded by my team on Friday for logging on while I was on holiday (albeit to check calendar to book windows folks coming round) was nice, and pretty proud of myself to have not checked anything
  • Enjoyed being able to edit my week notes through the week "live", rather than updating Google Keep and then writing them later in the week - still wondering if there's something better I can do for convenience to easily open my latest post to edit
  • Done some budgeting for the year, and realised that, although I'm still really quite well off, it's not by the margin I had last year - who knew that buying a big house would result in less savings??
  • Got committer access to Cucumber, which was surprising but awesome!
  • Only one Ring Fit this week, but hoping next week will be better
  • Morph has been trying our patience as ever, while being as cute as is possible to make it less annoying. Also been pushing our 2 seater sofa to its limits, by trying to take a whole seat of space for himself 😂
  • A stressful Asda shop, with no pizza to show for it, but stocked up on bits for the week
  • Got the first Easter egg + Lindt bunny of the season
  • Three nights of bad sleeping habits, but I've been having lie-ins to slightly counter it
  • Spent all of my crafting materials in Apex Legends while they went a bit further for the anniversary, so I've now got some cooler cosmetics
  • Worked on a few www-api things:
    • Changed my consent screen to allow choosing scope(s) based on what's supported, which I've been meaning to do for a while
    • Worked on a few fixes, and added support for reads syndication to Twitter
  • Broke another wine glass
  • Finished the non-bonus levels of Mario


  • WandaVision
  • Superstore
  • South Park
  • Rick and Morty
  • The Crown, in the background while playing Mario
  • Bridesmaids with the gang
  • Rewatched the season 5 finale of The Expanse

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