Week Notes 21#06

"Sometimes you get the giraffe, sometimes you get the wig"

  • My first week notes using Micropub!
    • It's pretty cool to be able to publish these at any point now, updating them more easily using Micropub than being required to do it on my desktop/laptop. It's generally how it will be done, but right now this sentence is being written between games of Apex on Windows, which is pretty great.
    • Took a bit of wrangling, and a few precursor pieces to get it set up, but I'm liking the ability to start writing articles on here, even if it's just Week Notes supported for now - the majority of the work is already done!
    • Had a few integration issues, which led to a kinda stressful Friday night getting them sorted, as I wanted to go downstairs and enjoy the new Mario game, but also wanted this kinda sorted, so I could start writing them if I wanted
  • Been spending the week being excited for Mario 3D World (as something different to do, and cause I love Mario games) and have been really enjoying it so far. Especially loving the fact that I can play as a cat!
  • Everything has seemed a little more difficult this week life wise, and rethinking priorities re house / income
  • Trialed reusing a teabag for tea on Saturday, as we were only having small mugs - turns out it doesn't work, so isn't ever gonna be a good cost saving measure 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • A nice weekend of Superstore, Mario 3D World, and sofa snuggles
  • Tried Ohanne's for the first time, which was pretty good - although it arrived just as I was playing my first game of Apex of the day, and threw the game despite being in the final two
  • Got a really nice handmade card today
  • Got draft scope and post-status implemented this week, which is useful for my week notes!
  • Mapped me hint to authentication-specific page, which speeds up auth flows significantly for non-OAuth2 apps
  • Been supporting with the proxy pattern integrations for some of our existing services in the goal team which seem to have gone well
  • A fairly hands off week again, so been doing a bit of multitasking
  • Weirdly this week I've been remembering my dreams a lot better - I've been Bond, doing something with tokens, I've been in the Capitol, and I've been dreaming about Micropub for syndication
  • Spoke about logging at the CoP which was good, and hoping to get more consumers for pickle-logs
  • Another week of only 2 days of Ring Fit - found everything going on has made it harder to get up - but hoping to do better this week!
  • Caught up on _The Expanse books, so now have to wait until November for the final book. Got some books from Secret Santa, and a few of the Expanse novellas to keep me going until then
  • Whitesource bit us this week, which was really annoying, and has had some wider impacts unfortunately
  • Fixed the dates of my week notes so if you thought you'd already seen week 6, that is why - I'd not counted week numbers right (I knew it, but as part of implementing support in my site I realised I needed to do it right
  • Been getting a lot of electric shocks this week from Morph
  • Got confirmation that Capital One won't be reopening our offices until at least September


  • The Accountant
  • Superstore (and lots of it!)
  • WandaVision
  • South Park

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