Week Notes 21#05

Another odd week at work, not really doing much, but doing a few bits outside the sprint, and looking ahead for the coming year:

  • Morph's been extra drugged up and has been OK, until the one day we stopped
  • Not super productive side projects week, as I'm finding difficulty working out what to do next, but I think I've decided that my next todo will be making it possible to write/update my week notes with Micropub (which requires quite a few things)
  • Whipped up a quick IndieAuth Postman collection generator
  • Split my authentication flow out of my authorization, so I can re-authenticate less often, and to streamline the flow too
  • Had a FOSDEM beer session on Friday evening with the old FOSDEM crew
    • Played Secret Hitler, which was pretty fun, although the server stability (and lack of account syncing) was annoying
    • Had a fair bit to drink, which didn't feel amazing the next day, but wasn't nearly as bad as it usually can be
    • Was good to catch up with everyone
  • Been a fair bit of multitasking, but managed to get all the things I've needed to done so 🤷
  • New season of Apex dropped, which has been pretty fun, and I've been enjoying playing Fuse, albeit it's been a solo week
  • Pretty knackered on Friday so didn't get to Ring Fit, but it was probably fine as Mon/Wed were pretty intense
  • Wish I already had Super Mario 3D but only a week to go
  • Not sure why everyone's complaining about Brexshit being so bad, we've saved loads of credit from Gousto not being able to send lots of ingredients /s
  • Shuffled around the living room while looking at new sofas, trying to get a feel for the new layout
  • Not quite as low a week as last week, but pretty drained, still
  • Had a tonne of rain, which has meant the cellar was flooded to about an inch under the first step, so this weekend was the first time using the pump, which worked very nicely, and got about half the water out in half an hour or so, which was quite nice
  • Cat got her vaccine!
  • Got my dailies in before work on Thursday
  • Dun goofed and thought a 40 minute meal was a prep in 5


  • The Expanse, which ended the season really well, with a very emotional episode, and gave us our first look at Laconia
  • WandaVision
  • Big Mouth
  • Greenland
  • What We Do In The Shadows
  • South Park
  • Giving Superstore a go while writing these

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