Week Notes 21#04

An odd week, and Morph returned to being himself again:

  • Morph managed to sneak out one morning while making breakfast, which he was pretty proud of, but made it quite obvious with his loud meowing!
  • Morph has returned to his "habits" and it's been pretty crap getting back to it. Also doesn't help that he's no longer phased by us shouting at him, so it's been increasingly frustrating, especially as we can't trust him any more
    • Turns out it's been happening more than last week, I've just not found it before it's been cleaned up, so turns out it's just especially bad this week. We've started back on his chill pills, but so far it's not been helping as much
  • An odd week of work
    • Didn't have much sprint work, so been doing bits and pieces of out-of-sprint stuff - supporting SoT, prepping our repos for the proxy pattern / content-negotiation
    • Planning ahead for the new year is good, though, and we've got a team chat tomorrow about objectives which will be good to start the team thinking about what we want to achieve
    • Had a good appraisal, and am really looking forward to the year ahead, and working with Shama and Nic more. Got some really good stuff going on, and am excited to see where the team will go over this year
  • Spent the weekend out of sorts, with Saturday feeling a little out of body in the morning, and feeling a little overwhelmed with things, but the house looks so much better, lots of boxes unpacked, things a little bit clearer and cleaner
  • Found out that the Monkey Puzzle tree is male, which has been a sore point
  • Implemented the refresh token grant
  • Tiamat's Wrath is getting super interesting, and is reminding me that there's still a long way to go until Leviathan Falls
  • Reminded by how much I could've made off DogeCoin
  • Not been sleeping amazingly, and been very difficult waking up - missed Ring Fit on Wednesday cause I couldn't get up
  • Had the last of the Christmas Cook food on Sunday
  • Almost ready to order new door and windows
  • Really enjoying the speed of my site now I'm on CloudFront + S3
  • Morph's now got a treat bowl, like Luna


  • The Expanse
  • WandaVision
  • The Wolf of Wall Street, which was far more stressful than I remember
  • The Big Short with the gang
    • Found that the actress who plays Aunt May in Spiderman is > 50!
  • Season 2 of Bonding on Saturday, which is kink positive
  • Big Mouth
    • Had some reminders of sixth form from Lola talking about being held back a year

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