Week Notes 21#03

A pretty frustrating, draining, tense and not great mental health week:

  • The end of planning finally came, but was made more frustrating by requests to replan, despite having spent the last two weeks doing all we could to get everyone on the same page, expectations hadn't been communicated to us. May have lost my cool a little, but looking to see what we can do to support the rest of the programme, where appropriate
  • Looking forward to having feature champions at work, empowering the team more, and being able to learn to let go a little bit
  • Learned some interesting things about cost of migrations between different technologies
  • Started work on a Google Fit helper to more easily track my weight and Ring Fit workouts, so it can handle things like miles-to-steps
  • The cellar has had some pretty good flooding, going as high as the top of the foot in wellies
  • Had a fair bit of snow, much to Morph's displeasure, but it has looked pretty magical
  • Mum got the vaccine, as there was a spare one available last minute. It's already made the family much happier
  • Had the last of the Christmas food with a buffet of pigs in blankets, stuffing, Camembert and fresh bread
  • Issues with Gousto delivering chicken for a recipe on Wednesday meant that we didn't cook, as we would've needed to defrost replacement, so ended up with a Chapati Junction
  • Refactoring for proxy pattern has gone well, and been well received
  • Spent a bit of time investigating issues with teams' SoT integrations, writing some Jersey code, and then realising I didn't need to, so could instead refactor what they had to more closely align with the library (and pattern) implementation
  • Morph has been settling himself on his radiator bed in the kitchen a tonne, which is super cute, and we're really loving that he likes it
  • Completed the battle pass for Season 7 of Apex, and am looking forward to the new season
  • Costly deploys, and slow timelines, resulted in me moving over to CloudFront + S3, although I'm still holding my breath for cost + speed implications. Finding caching difficult to think about, as I'm used to Netlify handling it, but think I may be onto something - reduced ~4 minutes on build times already!
  • Noticed that post-deploy and google-fit weren't working because my expiring tokens had expired. Woops! Put in an intermediate fix to refresh them, and to allow me to manually auth, but hoping to put in refresh tokens before too long
  • Had a nice chat with Anna's family, and Morph stayed for the whole time on my lap
  • Had a few instances of wondering if Morph had sprayed, and then watched him spray, despite us shouting at him, so I guess 38 days is the record
    • Been especially difficult because, even though I've been joking "he's fixed now", I had really hoped that it was a location thing. But appears that it's just him and it's life again, which is proper disheartening
  • Motivation for "what to do next", www-api wise, has been fairly low, as I'm not really sure what I want to focus on
  • Walked over to the old house to have a look, and on the way back almost adopted a kitty that followed us for ages
  • Grow promotions were announced, and some well deserving names! Although I did sleep pretty poorly the night before
  • Caught up with a few folks I've not spoken to for quite some time
  • Put WD40 on several of the squeaky doors, and then realised that it means the living room door doesn't stay open for Morph, as he deffo can't cope with opening the door himself
  • Coming in to work one day and realising my mouse had run out of battery was annoying, but at least I was able to use my trackpad
  • Had some "quiet time" over a tea break
  • Been a pretty bad week for sleep - not slept amazingly, and stayed up too late over the weekend
  • Ended up coming late to standups two days in a row because I kept thinking it started 5 mins later than it did
  • Had a fair bit more chocolate than I should've


  • The Expanse, which had me gripped despite knowing exactly what would happen with Naomi
  • Ava
  • Space Force
  • Galaxy Quest
  • WandaVision

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