Week Notes 21#02

The middle of a two-week planning sprint, and a busy weekend around the house:

  • Planning was a bit meh, and pretty long, but we're now almost done
  • Lewis has joined us! Super excited, and looking forward to working with him again
  • Had a positive chat about Acceptance Test structure, and am planning on publishing my blog post tomorrow, after a follow-up convo
  • Got a replacement laptop for my replacement work laptop, and this time got it all sorted
  • Two prod releases to support partners, and a tweak to logging that I'm still so surprised hasn't been prioritised before
  • A good week for closing off my TODO list:
    • Got IndieAuth merged, and a few other www-api bits
    • Finished + blogged my Postman hack, including adding a web server for IndieAuthing for generating collections for everyone's endpoints
    • Got my Acceptance Test structure post ready to go
  • Pondered Heroku for my own apps, but not at $7/mo for each of them!
  • Had a great sleep mid-week after de-stressing and getting an early night
  • Morph has been much more chilled the last few days, as we've given in and have let him out! The first day he had the chance he must've been out 8 times, cause he kept going out to check that he had the option. A little bit hervous the first time as he just ran off, but came back pretty soon
  • Restructured Anna's office, adding a blind, and replacing the inbuilt desk with my old glass one
    • Improvised a hacksaw by using a multitool's saw, which wasn't the most safe, but worked
    • Had to work pretty hard to rip the desk out (literally) after a fair bit of unscrewing, bending, sitting/rocking, pull-up-ing and leg pressing
    • Turns out that a screwdriver and a hammer are a good replacement for a crowbar
    • I will 100% not be doing Ring Fit tomorrow as my muscles are really sore today
  • Had a lovely Zoom on Saturday with Emma and Andrew
  • Had a lazy Sunday evening with a bath followed by a more measured Chapati Junction
  • Started on the Tech Nottingham WordPress investigations, but not as out-of-the-box with the combinations of plugins I'd expected
  • Had a nice long chat with Cat
  • Finished my Nanoblox Charizard
  • A better week for Ring Fit
  • Finally got around to assembling the Dyson, so I was able to properly hoover for the first time since the move
  • Anna's new electric blanket has been a gamechanger
  • Watched (the end of) Star Trek: Discovery
  • Watched half of Space Force
  • Watched State of Play
  • Watched WandaVision

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