Week Notes 21#01

The first full week of 2021, and the beginning of a two-week planning sprint:

  • Only a couple of Ring Fit sessions this week, as on Friday I was just so exhausted after the week, and they've not exactly been super intense, but hoping to ease back into it more
  • Managed to lose (a fair bit of) weight over the Christmas period which is especially odd, and I'm not quite sure how I've done that given how poorly and gratuitously I've eaten over the break but 🤷
  • Implemented my initial version of my content-negotiation and media-type libraries, and verified that they work for what I'd need at work, too, so now it's a case of cleaning it up then shipping to Maven central (with associated blog post announcements)
  • Had a fair bit of traffic for my Content Negotiation article, but not much discussion
  • A couple of days of mop-up for last year's stories, and then the start of planning
    • Scripted some stats for PR review lifecycles, after going through some of it manually as a team, and hoping to learn some good things out of it
    • Been driving things a bit more than I'd hoped, and had to have a few words about being present / participating, which is difficult because I'm also not always participating cause I've got other things going on (like prod issues)
    • Dealing with a couple of underlying production defects and deciding to fix them in planning is adding extra work, but is the right call
    • Shama's unfortunately not been back due to flight issues, so planning has been a bit more hands-on for Nic and I, but she'll be back tomorrow!
    • Some exciting news for a new starter joining!
  • Maybe some positive news coming for a friend 🤞
  • "Rambunctious" was the word of the week
  • Had a fun day of FireFox Nightly on Android crashing when it opened, but it was fixed the next day - I really should've put up a bug report, but just ended up working around it
  • Been a good week for Apex Legends
    • Enjoying the Airdrop Escalation takeover as a different approach to the regular game, and has been pretty fun
    • Got my first 2k damage badge on an especially good game with Pathfinder (chosen by accident)
    • Played some more with Andrew, who enjoyed me blaming audio issues on him despite them being my fault
  • Morph has had his first taste of freedom in the new house, and spent a while sniffing around and just generally not being sure what was going on, but seems to have settled a little. He's still not got free reign, and despite my best wishes for him to be fixed, the first occurrence of spraying is only a matter of time
  • A weekend of projects for us both, as well as the new bar stools, and more Hue setup
  • Google Home's Hue integration worked again, so at least I can control my lights from my office
  • Played a bit with Postman for the Postman hack, and have hacked together a good little Micropub hack, which I'll blog about tomorrow
    • I would've done it entirely in Java, but given it's been a bit painful creating all the POJOs (as the generation from JSON Schema hasn't worked) I pivoted to Ruby, as it's a hackathon, and I could then use the Microformats library
    • Learned that Postman's OAuth2 support is especially helpful, and it's really great that it works out-of-the-box with the latest IndieAuth updates, which is cool!
  • Got the wrong order at Chapati Junction and got the special which basically meant "have even more than you'll be able to eat"
  • Mostly got my IndieAuth MR ready to go - hoping to have commit history sorted very soon so that MR, and the others waiting to go in, too, can all be sorted!
  • So far had one vegan meal - with lazy vegan's pea "chicken" in an Old El Paso rice meal
  • Thursday was a day of all the deliveries, and double glazing enquiries
  • Still more instability with my work Mac, and the replacement not yet working
  • Morph is especially soft this week
  • Finished the last non-frozen Christmas food - a baking Camembert. I had a fair chunk of it for lunch on Thursday, then we had Camembert tuna melts on friday 😋
  • Mostly caught up on Star Trek: Discovery
  • Dyson wanted me to assemble the bits for the hoover myself, and I've just not gotten around to taking it apart
  • Cut my hair!
  • Watched The Bourne Identity
  • Watched The Bourne Supremacy
  • Watched The Bourne Ultimatum
  • Watched Tag
  • In politics, Trump instigated a coup, the capitol got stormed, and he got banned from Twitter

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