Week Notes 20#9

A fairly busy week, in which:

  • Worked from home on Monday, as well as the Friday of the previous week, because I was so shattered after the last week and didn't get enough rest over the weekend. Definitely made a difference and I felt much better going to work on Tuesday!
  • Started the prep work for being on-call again - I've got my first set of dates for being on call again, and am feeling fairly confident about it
  • Watched Kill Bill Volume 1 and Kill Bill Volume 2 for the first time - I can't believe it's the first time I've watched it
  • Bought our first Easter egg - which didn't survive the weekend 🙈
  • Morph has further stressed me out this week - but he's also been pretty cute and affectionate - so that's been a difficult mix!
  • Played a lot of Apex Legends - I've been finding I'm better than usual, which means either I've got better or the matchmaking is even better
  • Bought Titanfall 2, as I've been recommended it by the Apex community, and wanted the ability to have a campaign game again. I really enjoyed the campaign, and the familiar weapons
    • Was especially prompted by issues with EA's Origin servers that stopped me from playing Apex on Thursday, and realised I don't have many offline-only games
  • Had my first experience with Netlify functions while writing micropub-media-endpoint-proxy.netlify.com. I'd originally planned to write it in Golang to learn a little Go, but had issues with the local development process for writing an AWS Lambda, and ended up sticking with Node, which I could iterate a little quicker on.
  • I'm an episode closer to being up to date with Picard, but still a few behind
  • Driving lessons haven't got anywhere, but been thinking about buying a car to help both Anna and I out (as if I'm not driving yet I could at least help) and I hope it'll help me when I'm learning
  • Had a chilling thought - there are only two weeks left until the PSD2 deadline on March 14th. Little bit closer than expected, but I wonder if the FCA will move the deadline again
  • Supporting a second pentest, which wasn't super fun, but a bit better as I was more clear with what I expected
  • Felt like I didn't have much to show for the week - lots going on!
  • Had a lovely Sunday lunch with Anna at Fothergills

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