Week Notes 20#8

This week was, in a word, draining.

  • Continued to support a pentest, which required more hand holding, and was less productive than hoped - this managed to get most of my energy depleted, as it was lots of back and forth, and answering questions that really we should've spent more time preparing for as a group, rather than leaving it ad-hoc.
  • I have managed to take ownership of a big piece of cross-cutting work that's due as a business over the next coming months, so I'm able to lead a nice chunk of work and proving a pattern for lots of other teams. This is hopefully going to be a great result for me, as well as tying in very well for my objectives, and furthering a few goals I have for the team's involvement with cross-cutting pieces of work.
  • Did some work on Saturday around CI/CD at work, as on Friday I got an idea into my head that I couldn't shake, and because I woke up early on Saturday I decided to just go ahead and work on it - not great, but I'm a fan of the pattern I've got down now
  • Managed to further some of my past goals around containerising our Chef CI/CD pipelines at work, and received a nice thank you spot award from the team working on it
  • Morph has been stressing me out more - we think because of the weather and local cats - but it's not been a fun week. That being said, he did spend all of Saturday evening cuddled with me, which was nice
  • Re-watched Spiderman: Far from Home, and we realised that we had missed the second end credit scene - woops!
  • Carol and James convinced Anna and I that coming to Electromagnetic Field Camp (EMF Camp) is something we shouldn't miss, and although we didn't get the first round of tickets, I'd been convinced to submit to the CFP for my IndieWeb talk
    • Interestingly, I noticed a lot of traffic coming from Tumblr to this post, as well as searches for known indieweb and indie web server
  • Noticed that although I'm trying to get up earlier, I'm not getting to bed any earlier, so I'm just reducing my sleep, which isn't really helping
  • Watched a lot of Brooklyn 99, and finally started watching Season 6
  • Played a fair bit of Apex Legends this weekend, which I seemed to do much better in, which was a surprise!
  • Attempted to book driving lessons, but all the places I'd had recommended were either full for many weeks, or no longer available. Hoping to get some more time to book this coming week.
  • Meetup wise, it was only Homebrew Website Club this week, which was well attended, and answered a lot of James' questions about my site and my workflow
  • Still behind on Picard - but hoping to slowly catch up before too many spoilers.
  • Didn't have much weekend motivation for much of anything, least of all my projects - but didn't force myself, wrote some minimal brain blogumentation posts, and played Apex

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