Week Notes 20#7

A positive week at work, with some good social events:

  • After a not very social weekend, I had a social Monday at Tech Nottingham, meeting Toby before the event for a catch up, and then had a fair bit of chatting with folks at the event
  • Noticed that since my chat last week with my manager Chris, my confidence has noticeably grown and I've been feeling more sure of myself and my place within the team - hopefully that helps me get to the place I want for this first half of the year for promotion season!
    • Got my objectives in place for the first half of the year, to support this, as well as lead me through the end of the year
  • Spent a fair bit of time in the week sending/requesting feedback for work I've done with members of the team to support appraisal processes, as well as make sure the great things team members are doing are recognised!
  • Received two sets of recognition points (that include a cash value) for some work I've been doing cross-team, which was really cool, as they weren't expected at all - I'm very happy doing the work as-is!
  • Ended the week with a not-so-positive afternoon looking at a defect with one of the deliverables for PSD2 (that isn't yet in production), but we still have time to resolve it before the deadline on March 14th
  • Got re-hyped for Wonder Woman 84 after seeing the trailer a couple of times - I'm still awed by how much of a good trailer it is!!
  • Got excited for No Time to Die, and rewatched Spectre ahead of it
  • Had some snow in Nottingham, which was very weird, but I guess the weather's been pretty bad with the storms
  • Got very hyped for Tech Nottingham's seasons announcement
  • Continued work on Bridgy meetup support which I hope is very close now Got Meetup.com support for Bridgy live!
  • Went to see Birds of Prey which we really enjoyed - read my review for more (spoiler-free) details
  • Got my first credit card! I went through the application process last weekend, and all the bits finally arrived on Friday
  • Mostly stayed in from storm Dennis
  • Morph has been especially stressed this week, which hasn't really helped our moods this week - we wonder if it's the weather, nearby cats, or something else
  • As announced on Wednesday, I added a music-in-review series for my Spotify data across the decade
  • Finished setting up End-to-End testing infrastructure at work for the first time in our PreProduction environment which was a long time coming, and I've spent a fair bit of time getting set up

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