Week Notes 20#6

A fairly busy week at work, but quiet socially.

  • Had a very good chat with my manager Chris for looking ahead this year for progression, and what I want to look at. Started to put some things in place, and push forward in my trajectory
  • Had a surprisingly positive Monday - although I spent about 30 minutes at my desk all day, it was productive pairing with colleagues and felt like a nice start to the week
  • I received my Spotify data request but haven't yet fully gone through it - hopefully this week I'll be able to backdate some blog posts for my own music data statistics
  • Welcomed Caolan McMahon from Sheffield to Homebrew Website Club who had found out about it and wanted to see what our Nottingham one was like
  • Storm Ciara raged over the UK which mostly didn't affect me as I stayed in over the weekend, but Morph was very stressed by it and meant he wasn't the happiest
  • still haven't booked any driving lessons
  • I noticed at Women in Tech Nottingham that if I end up doing coding/site things before a meetup and don't end up finishing them, my mind is still quite active and I don't enjoy the meetup as much
  • One of the talks at Women in Tech Nottingham spoke about your "resilience chair legs", and what things hold you up as a person, such as work, side projects, family, friends, partners, etc. While talking through it, I reflected on the fact that I'm not very balanced.
  • I didn't end up attending the talks portion of IndieWebCamp Online, but I did a fair bit of IndieWeb work over the weekend. The most important is Bridgy Meetup support, which I've tried, but not quite managed to finish tonight. I hope this week will be it done and dusted!
  • Spent a lot more of the week being people-focussed, as I'm trying to invest better in my working relationships, as well as trying to build better personal relationships with colleagues. As I don't do enough of it - and was really putting a lot of effort into it - it was quite draining, so even though I was planning on seeing people over the weekend I decided not to (probably not for the best!) which meant I was almost entirely on my own over the weekend.
  • Watched The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009) which has been on my list for a while, and was good.
  • Watched the first episode of Star Trek: Picard which was a great start to the series, and I really enjoyed it. But didn't prioritise enough time to fully catch up
  • Set up the ability to prevent me re-submitting duplicates of content to my site via this change in my Micropub endpoint
  • Moved my Twitter URL rewriting from my site's theme to my Micropub endpoint
  • Only attended Homebrew Website Club Nottingham and Women in Tech Nottingham, so was a bit nicer to take some time with fewer people
  • Didn't get this post out on Sunday - boo! I need to get better at this as it's the second week in a row it's been late.

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