Week Notes 20#52

Ending the week with "existential exhaustion" as I so eloquently and dramatically put it, but really just the end of a long year and the combination of bad eating, bad sleeping, and a tonne of build up from the many sources of recent stress.

It was Christmas this week, which was especially odd given it wasn't spent at with my family as we usually do, due to the government guidance from last week. Although it was disappointing, we made a good situation out of it and had a good time. It felt kinda like any other day of the year, but we ended up not watching any TV - we played Lego which was fun, read our books and I even got a bit of gaming in! Was a really lovely week though, and we got to spend lots of quality time together.

Unfortunately didn't have Christmas day with the gang as we were planning, as I had a bit of a panic after coughing once 😅 so thought it'd be good to not risk it - although it was disappointing, it was the right call (despite no other symptoms), and I'm glad Anna and I had a Christmas day just to us, as we're unlikely to have a chance for many years to come!

Fortunately we had a food booked to be delivered, as Dave and Faye were meant to come down, so we had enough food booked for the Christmas period. But it has meant that we've been having to eat a bit more than usual, and I've been eating a bit of ham each time I open the fridge! We've been really enjoying the clementine yule log, and I've been making a slow start on the Tiramichou that I was meant to take home for Dad!

It turns out that y'all need to read the instructions fully to prepare your Christmas dinner, so we ended up having turkey tonight, instead of on Christmas day itself, which was best as we still had a tonne of other food to have!

Had a bit of a stressful time picking up the food, being told to go to different places after queuing in each place, but eventually got it, and it wasn't as busy as it could've been.

Got some really lovely presents, I've got some lovely peeps in my life.

  • Had four trees up in the house - got a lovely one from Bloom and Wild from the family, we had a small one already, then Anna's jazzy one for her office, and our primary tree in the living room
  • Morph is still settling in OK, and doesn't seem to be stressed, which is still very positive and is helping my stress levels too!
    • He's not understood how doors work (not helped by me teaching him to tap it, not pull it) as he's had to unlearn years of door knowledge
    • He's quite insistent he be able to explore the house a bit more, which has been a bit annoying, trying to be aware of where he is and that the doors are closed
    • He's been a little bit restless, but going for zoomies around the house has been helping
    • he's had some time in the garage this week, and we've introduced him to the cellar. Been pretty confident he's settling in OK though, and so far he's not stressing!
    • He's also been sitting in the big chair while we're eating, or every so often sits on the back of the sofa
  • A lot of rain this week has led to the cellar starting to flood - but I'm really interested in how much it increases and how quickly it's going to drain
  • Anna and I spent a bit of time playing with Lego which was fun - my Grogo is super cute and will look awesome on my desk!
  • After not playing Apex Legends for over a week, and having some of the fun stresses of maybe my PC not working due to it not shutting down OK, I've had some pretty good games this week - possibly due to the break!
  • Finally started my progress into getting libraries uploaded to Maven Central
  • Only worked Monday which was nice, as I was able to work on a few things for the sprint, but also get stuck into a shared solution for content negotiation for Lambdas, but I'm planning on making an open-source (clean room) implementation of a content negotiation algorithm - as well as a blog post to talk about why it's so great!
  • Had a lovely walk this morning with the gang around Attenborough Nature Reserve, and had some good chats and a slightly chilly lunch but managed to avoid the wrath of the local hungry swans
  • Haven't started on my year in review because I know I need to do 2019's, and that's a bit daunting!
  • Finally got the oven sorted - very last minute, but thankful - and didn't enjoy our first Gousto meal with it as it was quite a faff, and managed to have a bit of a risky meal
  • Watched Wonder Woman 1984 was good, but not as good as the first, or the hype unfortunately
  • Watched Klaus
  • Watched Avengers: Endgame
  • Watched Home Alone
  • Finished Babylon's Ashes, and am now caught up with where the series will end!
  • Can't believe it's already been a year of week notes!

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