Week Notes 20#50

Writing this, I honestly can't remember anything much before Friday - I'm very glad I take notes during the week to remember things, as the last few days have been especially busy due to the house move, as I'm moving tomorrow!

It's been a pretty stressful week leading up to now - we finally exchanged on Tuesday after many days of "we're almost there" - at least we did it, but that led to the next problem around getting the gift sorted before the completion date. Fortunately, it didn't end up being nearly as late as expected, but it still did add some unnecessary pain to the process.

As prep for the movers on Saturday doing the pre-pack, it was a four day week, which gave us Friday to pack, as obviously we didn't get nearly enough done in the weeks leading up to this - partly due to not having much space (one of the reasons we're moving) and also because I'm a strong believer in doing things super last minute 🤪

Friday was a little overwhelming, then left me on Saturday feeling overwhelmingly exhausted - I'm glad about how much stuff we'd done to prep, though, and tbh I'd have preferred to do it this way than do lots of up-front work over the weeks, especially as we were able to just get down to it and take the house apart, rather than it being in a really odd state over many weeks.

We spent most of Saturday out of the house (for safety, given the movers were in and out of the house) after a 6am start - a walk, a second breakfast snack, a coffee and early lunch, then sitting in the car some more outside the house.

Generally pretty exhausted, but not nearly as bad as I would be if the movers weren't doing most of the work!


  • Another busy end to the sprint with rush on a few last bits, and a disappointing prod release we had to preemptively rollback due to some missed Spring Boot configuration (that we'd spotted but not actioned)
  • I'm glad Morph was in the cattery for the move, as at the beginning of the week he was especially stressed
    • Which also helped me make a considerable chunk in the Nutella
    • He gave me a proper abs workout while taking him to the cattery, as he wanted me to hold his paw with my finger while resting his head on it, but the way I sat was quite awkward
  • No ring fit this week, as I thought it wouldn't be wise, and instead I've had a pretty good workout with all the packing - I'm glad I'm in a better state generally than I would be, as it's definitely helped with getting things packed and moved
  • Had a really great time at the Tech Nottingham Christmas party
    • WiFi wars was really great!
    • Was a nice feel to the event, and was good to have the option of chatting with the everyone on YouTube or via Zoom/Slack
    • Came 3rd overall, and the red team won, which I was pretty happy with, although it would've been cool to win some stuff
  • Mission Week slightly hampered this week's delivery focus, but some good sessions, and it meant things started to wind down, especially with it being a short week
  • A difficult sprint planning due to reduced capacity, too much work to do, and not wanting to stretch ourselves unnecessarily given it's winding down for the year!
  • Had a quiet last day of work on Thursday, but then had a bit of stress due to some innersourcing - I'll be interested to see how things happened when I'm back in the office
  • Got my blog out for my new IndieAuth server, and got a fair bit of traffic from the various aggregators I'd posted it to
  • Been finding my hands very sore and dry after all this manual labour!
  • Learnt that you can say "Alexa, dismiss" instead of "Alexa, stop", and it doesn't have the risk of another Alexa hearing you and stopping the music!

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