Week Notes 20#5

A week back at work following a week of holiday, in which I:

  • caught up on where the team was around eIDAS delivery
  • carried on my trend of waking up earlier, trying to get my body into a routine that starts earlier in the day so I can shift my working day a bit earlier, or move to a 9 day fortnight
  • continued reading before bed as part of the wind down, this time continuing on from Thrawn and reading Thrawn: Alliances
  • spent a very frustrating Sunday fighting my Webmentions not sending due to, most likely, an upgrade to Spring Boot on my post-deploy project, which resulted in Jackson not parsing the sitemap correctly. However it was fixed with thanks to the xjc command
  • watched the finale of The Good Place, which was emotional and a lovely end to the series
  • did not attend FOSDEM, as I decided that after last year not being as good as the last year I went I wouldn't go, but would instead catch up on talks afterwards
  • worked a fair bit on meetup-mf2
    • was able to start integrating Aperture with meetup-mf2 as Aaron merged support for parsing MF2 JSON in XRay and Aperture
    • this uncovered an issue with the data I was returning, which I then resolved (and subsequently broke my Micropub endpoint)
    • adding caching for the response from Meetup.com to reduce the calls, especially when being refreshed from Aperture every x minutes
    • added author information to the response, to provide better information in feeds
  • did not attend the two meetups I'd planned to - because I was pretty tired, and didn't want to push myself to meetups I wouldn't necessarily engage with / enjoy
  • still haven't booked any driving lessons
  • watched Mile 22, which has been on my list for a while, and enjoyed it
  • started watching Money Heist, which has been on the Netflix list for a while, and am not sure if I enjoy it yet
  • replaced Pushbullet with Pushover, which has been a much better experience so far in terms of the number of push notifications I've received for syndicated content
  • had some good pairing on some CLI work with a colleague
  • received the details about my end of year bonus / pay rise - to which my reaction was the song Just Got Paid
  • did not get around to continuing on Meetup.com support for Brid.gy
  • added support for embedding like/reply/repost-context for interactions with Twitter on this site
  • helped Anna with her applications for a new job at the DVSA
  • had an exciting shopping trip

And, unfortunately, the United Kingdom left the EU - #brexshit.

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