Week Notes 20#49

A slog of a week and A Little Chaos being the metaphorical soundtrack to the week:

  • An intense work week:
    • Lots of back and forth with PR comments and code quality, leading to conversations around documenting our standards better, but showing we're starting to get really stuck into the technical sides of our delivery, and that we're starting to really warm up as a team
    • Rising pressure / dependency levels, and everything happening outside of work, has led to me being a bit distracted this week
    • Unfortunately having to drop things out of scope due to time pressures / delays in sprint, but managing to unpick things and get sorted
    • Making some good progress otherwise, but feeling we need to work out whether we're stretching too much, or I'm asking too much of the team
    • Had some pretty long days - in particular a very long day on Wednesday trying to sort out SonarQube coverage stats which unfortunately wasn't as straightforward as I'd hoped - but sorted now, and made so others don't have to re-discover the same thing!
    • Thinking ahead to next year and putting things in place with the team
  • Culmination of a stressful week on Friday
  • Carol shared a TikTok titled "Every episode of The Mandalorian" which tickled me greatly
  • Had some snow on Friday, which although it didn't settle, was quite nice
  • Getting close to house purchase - feeling incredibly real now!
    • Started the week off pretty poorly with some difficult conversations about timing and Christmas
    • We've still not exchanged, but really hope we will very early this week!
    • Not as much packing as we thought we'd get done, but we'll have to have enough done before the move, so 🀷
    • Very much enjoying vacuum packing
  • Had a lovely catch up with the gang on Saturday, ranting about our respectively poor weeks
  • Finished my IndieAuth implementation and it's live for staging, but not yet production - I'll be pushing it live (with a blog post) this coming week!
  • Morph's been enjoying sitting on one of the dining room chairs, waiting for us coming in
  • Watched a lot of Between Two Ferns on YouTube, and am still not sure if it's quite real, but there are some really great - and painful - interviews
  • Started watching the new season of Big Mouth
  • Didn't do any ring fit ahead of the move
  • Definitely feeling myself burning out

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