Week Notes 20#48

A stressful week, ending in feeling a little bit run down and the start of a slump:

  • An especially contentious week of house conversations, with lots of "three-way conversations" and a bit more back-and-forth than expected to get things ready for exchange.
    • Managed to get all my documents in on Friday, though, so not so bad in the end
    • A little concerned about the lead time before completion, even if we do exchange very soon, but I guess we'll see
    • It's been good to have a final look into the house - especially with how nice it felt being in it - and getting the last bits sorted, as well as being able to really start thinking about what we want to do straight after we move in
    • Not enjoying our fourth link in the chain
  • Found it incredibly nostalgic when using Apex Legends' default music one day, which completely transported me back to first playing it!
  • Had a chilled Homebrew with the crew which was more like a general catchup than anything - it coincided with the new tiers announcement, and I wouldn't say everyone was super enthused
  • Been a generally alright week at work:
    • Was a bit worried about retro being a bit spicy, but ended up with some good conversations and talked about the things that happened last sprint, so hopefully feeding into some good conversations and we've had some good actions out of it
    • Had some really good conversations about the Value Improvements epic, and gave some really good evidence to leadership about what I'm thinking about, and the improvements I want to make
    • Had my first investigations into OneKube, and started to map out some thoughts for our services long-term
  • Realised that the last Chapati Junction samosas we'd had were definitely not vegetarian
  • Got my IndieAuth server live, provisionally, for my staging server, but I've still got a few things I need to do for MVP usability / compliance, so hopefully by next week it'll be in a place I may start using it for real!
  • Had a bit of a reshuffle of the house's boxes, as Morph's been exploring where he shouldn't be, and it'll hopefully be a bit better set up for a couple more weeks of packing
  • Barely anything of note in Black Friday, which has been a shame
  • Had a Sunday nice walk at the Attenborough Nature Reserve
  • Found a hair growing out of my scar, which is a little weird, but maybe it's healing?
  • Had a pretty good shop at Lidl stocking up on some dark chocolate goodness
  • Had to rewatch certain bits of The Mandalorian just becasue of how cute The Child is!!
  • Slept pretty well this week, but I think it's because I've just been so exhausted
  • Watched Iron Man 2
  • Watched The Incredible Hulk
  • Watched The Grinch with Anna and Cat (remotely) so Xmas is now starting!
  • Finished Season 4 of The Expanse, and had forgotten just how much Marco Inaros subplot there is - it's setting up Season 5 to jump right into it!

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