Week Notes 20#47

A very draining week, with a lot of late nights at work:

  • I've definitely been feeling that I've been in my role as SDE3 / tech lead this week, for the first sprint since moving into the team:
    • We've been getting much more involved in code this week, and as part of it there have been a number of patterns / bits of refactoring that I've been recommending we pick up to make the codebase better
    • Been doing a bit more of "do it like this", than "let's talk about alternatives" and taking the team along for the ride, so gonna try and work through that better
    • Had some discussions about refactoring vs delivery, and will lead into some longer term convos, as well as "what does a good quality codebase look like"
    • Made some good refactoring on our Postman collections to simplify a lot of the setup and use environments to remove all the duplication
    • Been working a little bit later than I'd hoped, as there's been a lot going on / it's been interesting and it's been stuff I've wanted to do, but is still overworking and getting more tired than I needed to be
    • Setting up some cross-team collaboration and working to build up our space in upcoming work
    • Definitely felt a bit too stretched, with too much to do, and missing having the three of us in Asgard, and still wanting to be very involved in everything
  • Had a really nice catch up on Tuesday with Cat
  • Got my laptop back up and running, and have spent the weekend making sure all my dotfiles work out-of-the-box and I've got all my dependencies sorted
    • Noticed a few configs I'd not backed up, but fortunately they're things I can re-create
  • Had some good chats during the week around IndieAuth in the IndieWeb slack
  • Haven't had a lot of progress on my IndieAuth server as this week at work has been super busy (and pretty draining)
  • The house has suddenly been progressing
    • Due to a two week lead time from the vendors, we'd planned to exchange this Friday to give us time to move in before Xmas, but due to delays from the solicitors, and other due diligence we still need to do, it's now looking like time to exchange before Xmas is getting tight
    • It's lucky that we didn't exchange on Friday, because the insurance I thought I'd organised for Friday was actually only a quote - woops!
    • Delays on both sides have been very frustrating
    • Spent Saturday morning taking the movers through the house and getting comfortable with what they could do to make it very hands-off for us!
  • Did our first "prep in 5" Gousto which was very, very good! Super easy and tasty
  • Accidentally finished The Churn without realising it, as the Kindle book has chapters from the next book in it
  • Played a tonne of Apex, leading to probably my best game, getting 10 kills, almost 2k damage and absolutely loving playing with Loba and a Volt/Spitfire combo
  • Caught up on Star Trek: Discovery, and oddly got goosebumps when the name Voyager was mentioned!
  • Finished Jack Ryan season 2
  • Started re-watching The Expanse season 4, but have been "that guy" commenting on how "in the books" things are different
  • Spent the week thinking about KFC's new Xmas-special burger, which was very good - although I'm not 100% sure whether I like the gravynaise or not!
  • Headspace released a tonne of new sleepcasts, which are very exciting
  • Started our first Christmas Lindt of the year

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