Week Notes 20#46

A busy meetup week, ending in Diwali and New Year:

  • Been using Milk and More a bit more this week, and are liking that it means we don't have to go shopping (as much)
  • A quiet Homebrew, but had a great catch-up with Bal
  • First team retro - some good learnings, and some good actions. Again, really happy with the team's progress, and looking forward to stretching ourselves a little more this sprint
  • Spoke at the QE CoP about shifting testing left, which will result in a blog post hopefully this coming week with some of the good Spring Boot tips I've got
  • Had a good review of my end-of-year self review, recapping what's been a great year, had some really nice personal feedback, and looking forward to the next year!
  • Didn't really do 10% on Friday, but spent the time doing other things and supporting others which was nice
  • Only one Ring Fit this week on Friday, and then got a bit of exercise this weekend with the shopping, and packing, so not as bad as previous weeks
  • Making somewhat good process for packing, although there's still a tonne left
  • Had a leaflet through the door about how Coronavirus is a conspiracy and related to 5G - was half tempted to shout down the street at whoever had put it through the letterbox
  • Morph did not enjoy me attaching mousey to his paw, and had a bit of an "oh god why is it following me" moment, which I felt a little bad for, although it was funny
  • Watched the first few episodes of the new Star Trek: Discovery season
  • Watched season 1 of Jack Ryan and half of season 2 this weekend
  • Listened to the latest Late Night Linux
  • Listened to What's new with OAuth2.1
  • Tried out Chapatti Junction and had a pretty good meal, although the mango lassi wasn't nearly as good as Rickshaw's
  • Had a Rickshaw for Diwali, and a bit of a chat with the family - it was weird not being in person, and it being the first year without Kaki
  • Spoke to Chris about long-term impacts he's feeling
  • Going to start on The Churn before I get stuck into Babylon's Ashes
  • Had a really nice Sunday on the sofa, watching Jack Ryan and generally spending time together, although we possibly could've got a bit more packing done!
  • Tweaked my week notes' URL structure so they're now i.e. /2020/46/ for the 46th notes this year
  • Making some really good progress on my IndieAuth server - had my first end-to-end authorization grant and use of token, although still only locally as there's a few things I want to get implemented before it goes to my staging site.
  • Unfortunately the house has progressed nowhere this last week, despite having the searches back, due to enquiries being open with the vendors, so unfortunately we don't yet have a date to work to for exchange
  • Heard some pretty great news about (that company)
  • Still haven't done my laptop

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