Week Notes 20#45

  • Had the Camembert and garlic bread from last week's Cote order, which was so good
  • A fairly chilled week at work:
    • with the end of year appraisals coming up, we've been prioritising getting things sorted for that instead of bringing in more work - a good choice, although I'm surprised I'm being so sensible about things
    • Purple Pandas had their first Production release which was a great team milestone, and it was joined by the second sprint of smashing our sprint goals, and closing a PI goal - a great result for the team
    • Had a great team leadership catch-up on Friday
    • Been involved as part of some good conversations around security internally and externally, and have really appreciated being involved in them as a more senior engineer!
    • Had some last-minute work drop in, with no prior comms, or awareness, which really rubbed us the wrong way - fortunately we didn't need to do too much on it, but there'll definitely be some follow-up on why this happened!
    • Had a good play with Whitesource this week, and am really enjoying the ease of resolution for dependency issues
  • Season 7 of Apex Legends has been pretty great with Olympus - really loving the vibrant colours, tonnes of loot, and great big open spaces, although the battlepass controversy has been annoying by taking over reddit
  • Resolved my iCalendar feed not being picked up by Google, which was pretty annoying, and is making me think about pulling it out of my site and into something that will definitely render a real iCalendar feed, similar to jwks-ical
  • Had Wednesday afternoon off (as a random bit of holiday) and instead of doing house stuff as I'd planned to, I got into trying out the Okta Factors API that Aaron uses for his site's auth
    • I also rewatched the last couple of season 2 Star Trek: Discovery episodes, so I'm ready for - but haven't yet started - the new season
    • This led to me starting my IndieAuth server implementation
    • I've been really happy with how I've approached it technically and architecturally, and it's given me some good food for an upcoming talk I'm doing at work about (Spring Boot) testing, as well as leading me to being able to own my authN/authZ a little better
    • I've managed to multi-task in a few places and made some good progress on it, so I'm feeling like I've got it mostly complete in the core, now I need to hook in the endpoints + UI
  • New slippers are pretty great - super warm and comfy, but not as good as my sliders for standing this week
  • Started on my laptop re-install but have left it partially done so I've had no laptop all week
  • Got a PR from 3 Hacktoberfests ago merged
  • Had a really tough Ring Fit workout on Monday in the world where everything is Dragaux's stone statues, and so didn't do it on Wednesday, and Friday I was pretty tired after WiT
  • Completed my associate level certification as a Certified Secure Software Engineer
  • A fairly up and down weekend:
    • Were pretty worried on Friday evening after letting Morph out just before the fireworks started and he didn't come back for quite some time - but he seemed OK
    • Had a pretty stressful Asda trip which was meant to be easy click-and-collect but being surrounded by folks asking for updates on orders from 2 hours ago meant it wasn't as fun, and then doing substitution shopping in a pretty busy store
    • It was Kaki's anniversary, so spoke to the family at 0824, and had a nice wider family Zoom in the evening for bhajans and to pay respects
    • The house is now progressing very quickly, with the searches 1-3 weeks quicker than planned, so now the panic is setting in for packing and sorting stuff out if we're potentially exchanging this month!
  • Morph has been pretty playful / attack-heavy
  • The US election happened, very slowly, but it looks like Biden has taken it, so now we just need to force Trump out of office
  • Lots of sofa time / not much Ring Fit has led to my back not feeling super great
  • Watched Zombieland: Double Tap
  • Watched Season 2 of Fleabag
  • Watched Enola Holmes
  • Watched most of Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse

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