Week Notes 20#44

A pretty alright week:

  • Thoroughly enjoyed Sainsbury's Taste the Difference mince pies, and rate them as the best this year so far!
  • Smashed a couple of big stories on day 1 of the sprint, and managed to get a fair bit of refactoring / cleanup done, so felt pretty happy with progress so far
  • Took Thursday off as one of my "make sure you use your holiday before the end of the year" days
    • Didn't want to take off 10% day, and Thursday worked best
    • Got some stuff done around the house, and looking at some of the paperwork for the new house
    • Was a mostly screen-less day which was good
  • Had a pretty weird dream about being back at uni, with a mix of friends from during and after uni, with a mix of Army life thrown in there. Very odd, and not quite sure why it's popped up!
  • Had a bit of panic that my PC was having problems again, but it was just my displays not turning on for a BIOS screen
  • A second lockdown was announced, which will introduce more restrictions, but generally we won't see too much of a change
  • Got around to cooking the meatballs from the freezer, which were pretty good, and are gonna last us a few lunches
  • Listened to some of the WiFi Wars gaming night at work after a quiet Homebrew, but was busy with things so didn't participate
  • Got a Cote order and had such a lovely Friday night
  • Missed Ring Fit on Monday, and Wednesday/Friday were both quite small workouts, but hoping to get back into it a bit more this week
  • Started getting my laptop ready to re-install after saying I was going to almost two years ago
  • Got around to another haircut
  • Managed to get to Level 100 in the Apex Legends battle pass just in time for the end of the season
  • Been super exciting for Cat moving into the bungalow
  • Finished watching I'll Be Gone in the Dark
  • Watched Hocus Pocus, which we were meant to see at Wollaton hall, but didn't want to risk for both COVID and weather
  • Watched Zombieland
  • Watched all but the latest episode of Rick and Morty
  • Nemesis Games is getting really good - we're in for a great season
  • Had some very sad family-related news
  • Ordered some snazzy new WFH-oriented slippers that are going to be super snug and super comfy!
  • Got a full refund for a meal because the drinks were wrong - thanks Uber Eats!
  • Noticed my RSVP calendar has stopped updating, which is pretty annoying
  • Found out this week that the house is in a chain I was not told about until now, so that's fun

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