Week Notes 20#43

Not the busiest week, but feeling like I'm falling into some bad habits again:

  • Saw Carol on Tuesday which was nice, although the weather wasn't super amazing, and we didn't end up finding a place in town to eat outside, which was a shame - especially with Tier 2 restrictions
  • Work this week has been a mix of somewhat busy and free time - but I've been working through my CSSE, doing some things around Service Libraries, building up a backlog, and pushing conversations around some shared security patterns which has been pretty good, and I've been glad I've been able to get more involved in the continuations there.
  • Had someone ask me "how long have you been an SDE4?" which was a bit of an oof moment.
  • We've been watching stuff on Kodi again, and it's been such a difference being able to just play/pause/etc on the Kodi app, unlike the Fire TV app which takes a few seconds to connect. But it has been annoying not being able to ask Alexa to do it, so it's hands-free
  • Had a lovely Sunday with Emma and Andrew on a 6ish mile walk - lots of good chats, some wonderful views, and some chats about tech improvements for Tech Nottingham which could be pretty exciting, and I may be able to get involved in.
  • Missed Monday's Ring Fit as I was pretty tired, and know I'm going to miss it tomorrow after the walk today
  • Played Among Us with the team, which was really fun, but also definitely didn't help with our mutual trust!
  • Had the best Double Down I think I've had, and got around to trying the amazing gingerbread Cadbury's
  • Realised that one problem of having a Bluetooth mouse is forgetting to turn it off, so having it die part way through a meeting
  • Spent a lot of this week working on changing the way cites work, which is almost ready
  • Got half way through watching I'll Be Gone in the Dark
  • Got most of the way through watching His Dark Materials
  • Watched Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm, and very much enjoyed it, although it definitely felt like there were some bits that were staged / were edited to make them more powerful than they were at the time. Terence has a good writeup.
  • Been experimenting with oat milk
  • Morph spent a very snuggledy weekend under Anna's arm

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