Week Notes 20#42

Pretty up-and-down week, but enjoying getting stuck in with the Purple Pandas in our first sprint:

  • Gousto didn't arrive this week due to a delivery issue which threw the week off quite a bit, especially as I wouldn't say my motivation to cook has been great this week
  • Had some nice recognition from Shama and Nic about my support over planning which was really nice to have, albeit I didn't think I was going anything extra!
  • Missed Ring Fit on Monday because I didn't want to overdo it after the walk last weekend
  • Pretty intense Wednesday morning - not least because of a very tough Ring Fit
  • Managed to get my autoconfiguring Micropub server working, which took less time than hoped! Almost got the richer support for properties set up, but fighting a lack of datetime-pickers and how to duplicate elements on-the-fly (for multiple photos/alt tags, post tags, etc) meant I didn't quite get it done today
  • Spent the first few days of the first sprint of the new team stuck in with SonarQube - first fixing our integration, then fixing violations, and then supporting other teams with getting it enabled
  • Nottingham went into Tier 2 lockdown, so we had a mid-week takeaway to celebrate after we managed to see Carol and Thom, just before restrictions came into effect
  • Had a nice chilled weekend - we worked on projects and Hacktoberfest, had a decent sized Saturday afternoon walk but didn't end up getting Asda pizza. We had a great Sunday lunch, and generally had a lovely weekend.
  • Got around to rebuilding Peter's site, now hoping he likes the design so we can get it live (and am reminded by how super speedy a fresh Hugo site can be!)
  • Got another supporter
  • Not super confident we'll be in the new house before Xmas due to some delays
  • Discovered that our fire alarm is not very good - we almost burned the house down by the fireplace grate being closed, and neither of us being in the room, so cue panic coming back into the room and it be full of smoke. Definitely a good way of showing just how scary being in a fire can be - even though it wasn't full on, the smoke meant it was so hard to even go into the room without eyes streaming. We're OK at least, despite Morph trying to go back into the smokey room, things just still smell a bit smokey
  • Had a nice Saturday night friends catchup call
  • I've, unfortunately, been replying to a number of comments on Andrew's post, which is probably more energy than I should be spending on it tbh!
  • Found a Key and Peele I've not seen before!
  • Watched Jojo Rabbit which was very good
  • Watched Hubie Halloween (just to annoy you, Andrew!)
  • Got a Logitech MX Master on recommendation from Jack, and am so far really enjoying it - especially the ease of swapping Bluetooth devices
  • Cooked the Ken Hom aubergine recipe, which did not work as nicely as when Dad makes it

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