Week Notes 20#41

A week of unhealthy habits, but a chilled planning week:

  • Been good with doing Ring Fit this week, and on Wednesday I hit level 100 on my 35th day, which I was pretty impressed with
  • Didn't get to participate in Thursday's baking team building, as Anna's parents were here and it wouldn't be easy to be in the kitchen on video while they were here, but it gave me time to instead ask questions of the team and chat, instead of having the stress of having to cook
  • It's been PI planning with the Purple Pandas, which is the first time we're actually working together as a team
    • It's quite odd being in a planning week and being able to solely focus on planning, instead of - for better or worse - having other things going on in my head. As I'm now in Purple Pandas, I've tried to sever any ongoing contributions to anything from my time in Asgard, which means I'm basically free again.
    • I'm finding it is going to be odd this PI to get used to not being busy, and I'm honestly not sure if I'll like it or not
    • It's been good getting started on work with the team, and starting to get stuck into refining out the work we'll be doing this PI, albeit missing some intent as we need to get it better understood first
    • Still in Asgard's Slack channels, and am watching with interest - and commiserations - as they're going through a frustrating time, especially with me gone, and it's a shame to see what other difficulties are happening in their planning
  • Added support for Micropub'ing reads to my site and worked on a number of tweaks to my Micropub endpoint to fix a number of bugs, and do some cleanup
  • Spent a while thinking about Pact vs Spring Cloud Contracts
  • Got my Job DSL plugin fix marked as hacktoberfest-accepted which was really cool
  • Had a three-meal-in-a-row of Asda pizza - with this curry pizza which worked really well
  • Been able to do some gaming standing up which has been good
  • Had a lovely Sunday walk with the gang - my knees didn't enjoy it as much, but it was a good 6.5 mile walk, and it was nice to be out, doing something different, and enjoying the weather while we can
  • Had an interesting chat about "Open Source = money laundering"
  • A great end to The Boys season 2
  • Started and finished The Mandalorian

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