Week Notes 20#40

A week of context switching, feeling more and more run down, and generally not being the best time:

  • Had to make quite a few fixes to the photo changes on my Micropub server from last week - woops!
  • Finally got a new cat flap for Morph, so he's been feeling a bit safer this week
  • Only did Wednesday's Ring Fit, as Monday I was still pretty exhausted from the weekend, and on Friday I'd swapped it out to make sure the house was ready for Sarah, Ross and Klara
  • Had a half day on Friday to spend some time with Sarah, Ross and Klara, which was nice, and we walked over to the new house
  • Morph enjoyed getting lots of bits of chicken from the rotisserie chicken we got while they were over
  • Had a pretty quiet Homebrew, but managed to convert nottingham.digital to Hugo
  • Had an interesting talk at WiT, which I need to write my notes up for, as there were some great pieces of advice in there for new managers
  • Hacktoberfest started!
    • There was the start of Hacktoberfest drama with unnecessary spam across many projects, and the inevitable changes for the rules, which is making things a little bit harder for hackers, but hopefully better for maintainers
    • Was on the Microsoft Cloud Skills Show talking about it - I don't feel I was very good on it, but Anna was, and I feel we got enough of the info across - I also found it quite difficult it being during a busy workday
    • I decided to finally get around to fixing a bug with JobDSL that I've wanted fixed for a while, even though it wasn't Hacktoberfest eligible, so was nice to have Hacktoberfest nudging me to do it
  • House has been going on positively - now just waiting on flood survey and we're off!
  • Lots of context switching at work between Asgard stories, new Asgard epics, handover, and upcoming epics
    • Fighting PrintStreams to securely log things has been a tough problem to solve that fortunately James solved
    • Had some fun with Gradle platforms - blog post coming soon
  • Been pretty bad with looking after myself this week - more takeaways than planned, and definitely not as much sleep as I've needed
    • Rikshaw, yet again, forgot the Mango Lassi, but at least I got a second one to apologise
    • Waiting outside Rakki Rakkas in the rain because the entrance was filled with people also waiting, but not wanting to safely socially distance was pretty frustrating
  • More progress with setting up the new team:
    • Definitely going to be looking at Spring Cloud Contract with the new team, and looking at whether it's something I can feed into the new work
    • Started to get a bit more depth into what we're going to be working on, and making sure that things are ready for the start of planning week this Wednesday
    • Decided on the team name, The Purple Pandas
    • Started - but not quite finished - getting the team to a common ways of working, but we're starting to align a lot better
    • Some ownership conversations for an existing service, and plans for the upcoming quarter
  • Had a lovely Sunday evening catch up with Emma, Andrew and Carol which replaced a walk that was rained off
  • A long conversation about (that person) which led to some more information which was interesting
  • Headspace released some new Sleepcasts!
  • Stayed up too late writing my week notes
  • Donald Trump got Coronavirus, which was unexpected
  • I've been very needy with Morph this week - after missing him lots last weekend - which I don't think he's enjoyed as much!
  • A close friend of ours lost their dad to Coronavirus
  • Had some unexpected guests
  • Watched The Gentlemen
  • Watched The Great Hack
  • Partly watched RBG

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