Week Notes 20#4

A week-long family holiday in southern Tenerife, in Costa Adeje:

  • I stayed in the lovely all-inclusive GF Gran Costa Adeje
  • I got a fair bit of a tan, but less than I'd hoped for, as the weather in the low 20s, not mid-high 20s as the forecasts the previous week showed
  • Only went into the pool once - because it was pretty chilly, even with the sun on it for hours!
  • Got to spend a lot of time with my sister, which was nice being not so long after Christmas
  • Found we ended up drinking a lot more than we'd expected, partly as there was a great range of name brand alcohol as well as some great local Cava / red wine, as well as some really nice Sangria on tap
  • As it was buffet food, there's always a mix of good and bad, despite being a five star hotel
    • There were at times a little too much fish, which limited choices if you didn't want it
    • There often were enough options for having enough to eat, and there were some things like pasta that I didn't even get around to trying
  • I had some difficulties communicating steak preferences (I wanted things to be cooked rare) with one of the staff, and ended up with a lot more well-done meat than I could deal with. On the last day, one of the staff asked how I wanted it, and asked if I wanted it "red", to which I found that was a great way to describe it instead of rare
  • Read Thrawn, and thoroughly enjoyed it - annoyingly I didn't have any of the rest of the trilogy so couldn't continue it
  • Cleared a lot of my reading backlog in Wallabag - either by deleting or reading, but still over 1000 posts to go
  • Eaten a lot of food, so heavily considering my need to lose some weight!


  • I received an email from a reader about getting my article Prettier HTML Reports for Cucumber-JVM to work
    • After re-reading it, I found that I don't actually have any complete code snippets - that article is now updated with a more complete example
  • I used Android's Focus Mode to reduce the time spent on social media
  • I've noticed my hands hurting a little, which I've noticed after long periods of time where I've only got access to my phone for messaging
  • I had a very weird post published to my site which I quickly deleted, believing it was a pocket publish, but worrying at first that I'd been hacked!
  • I started looking into what to replace my Webmention notifications with, as only 100 webmentions can be sent a month, it's not sustainable
    • I think I'll be going for Pushover as it has a nice API and allows 7500 messages a month!
  • I missed the promotion announcements at work, but managed to catch up on LinkedIn / via the announce emails - lots of well-deserved promotions! Although it's always fun to be at the announcements, as they're similar to a best man's speech, where there's a bit of joking, but mostly celebrating
  • Enjoyed publishing lots of holiday photos to my site, now I have a media endpoint + support on the site for publishing media

Feeling refreshed, and ready for the coming weeks up until March the 14th, the deadline for PSD2 delivery.

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