Week Notes 20#39

A really busy week at work, productive out of work, and a lovely, social weekend:

  • A very busy start to my final sprint with Asgard - I've had a bit more work in-team than expected, while also trying to plan out work for the new team, as well as support some innersourcing, and then the inevitable handover tasks!
    • Didn't get to utilise 10% time, as I was busy looking at a few other things
    • Looking forward to getting started in the new team, but unfortunately things aren't as clear yet in terms of what we're doing, so hoping to finalise some of this before we get to planning
    • Really looking forward to getting working with Shama and Nic - they're really great, and have the team's best interests at heart
    • Bit concerned about how I'm leaving Asgard, but there's only so much I can do with the time I have, and little control remaining
  • Morph's been in a very playful mood recently, he's been enjoying his mousey, maybe as he's not going out as much
  • Had a slightly surprising piece of ginger this week which had a maggot in it
  • Been working on building up some of our shared libraries for some new things we're doing in team, but in a way that we can get others to benefit from it
  • Spent some time this week adding more JSR380 tests, but found that I needed to run a full @SpringBootTest so I could set up all the ConstraintValidators correctly.
  • Noticed my jaw has been pretty sore the last couple of days, I was wondering if it were stress related, but I've noticed just now trying to crack my neck that it seems to be that
  • Richard and Sophie finally got married 🎉, and I definitely welled up a little bit in the ceremony!
    • Attending a Coronavirus wedding was certainly different, but it was done really nicely
    • We were escorted up to the room ~20 minutes early, and the seats were spaced out for couples, with a good social distance between them
    • Doing the photos after was nice - although it was a smaller group, they had their close family and a few of us friends
    • It didn't help that I've lost my blue suit - tearing the house apart through the week didn't help, nor did the fact that everyone else in the groom's party was in blue 😳
    • It was a shame that there wasn't a reception afterwards, but we got a little bit of time to chat between photos which was nice, and I got the chance to give Rich a huge hug
    • My hair looked a bit better than it had been when we had it cut, and I think no one really noticed it
  • I've had a good few days on my site / Micropub server:
    • Added support for tracking my reading although I've not yet implemented it in my Micropub server (as I've still got a couple of weeks until I've finished another book
    • Implemented q=post-types which was much easier using my new query setup on my Micropub server
    • Moved photos to a separate kind, which was also easier using the new structure in my Micropub server
    • Fixed a couple of bugs
    • Looked into doing proper h-cites but gave up for now as it was a bit difficult, but I definitely will be getting it done
  • Pretty monumental episode of The Boys this week
  • Had such a lovely weekend with my family, which felt like it was back to normal again
    • As we were staying over, we managed to get in a tonne of hugs
    • Cat drove us to the wedding, so we got a good day with her, and enjoyed some time to catch up and get some us time
    • Had a really good curry from Social Dhaba
    • Enjoyed annoying Cat with decanting the curries very thoroughly (and slowly)
    • Made an amazing Sunday lunch
    • Luna didn't appreciate all the love, but she did enjoy her mousey and playing in the washing basket
    • We're not really sure when the next time we'll see each other like that, as we're not sure what'll happen with government guidance
    • Morph had his first weekend away from us, which I feel he both liked and really disliked - he gave us a really nice welcome
  • Played some more Paper Mario: The Origami King to try and catch up with Anna's great progress!
  • Got a lovely delivery from PF - which I'll be showing off tomorrow (to hit prime time social media folks)
  • Continuing to enjoy 1-2 chapters of reading before bed
  • Really missed Morph this weekend, having some time with Luna was nice, but she's not as cuddly
  • Listened to a good podcast about the shady stuff Uber does

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