Week Notes 20#38

A fairly quiet week of work (as we're reducing my time in-team to make it an easier transition) but it's definitely feeling very real that I'm leaving the team, and still have so much left to do - eek!

  • House is progressing well - surveys are mostly booked in and my mortgage application is planned for tomorrow!
    • Been getting some ideas from Pinterest
  • My Micropub rewrite has been live for a few days, and if it remains stable I'll merge it in the morning
    • Also managed to implement content-negotiation which will make it much easier for my browser-based interactions
    • (199 files, +9366 -5557)
  • Solidified my thoughts about one of the unsavoury employers in Nottingham this week after some of their awful actions
  • Morph has been super territorial this week, wanting to spend a lot of time outside. On Sunday we found a Cat in the kitchen, about to start eating his food, which probably explains why he's been a bit crabby! At least he didn't see it 😾
  • Morph also has been quite confused by soup cans opening this week, as he was sure they're tuna tins
  • Been managing to read about 2 chapters a night, which has meant I've been getting really into Cibola Burn
  • Three good Ring Fit sessions this week - felt better getting back into it
    • But I did have it crash on me on Friday, just as I was about to finish a fight with Drageux - very annoying, and slightly panicked that the card was corrupt (as the Switch did say that may be what's up)
  • Had some fun with SonarQube this week at work
  • My new team of SDEs are all here, and we're now officially sure what we're working on - which has changed since last time
  • Another frustrating Rikshaw delivery, with the driver not reading my note "please make sure the driver checks all the food" note, therefore missing poppadoms, saying "they weren't ordered", showing me the receipt with the order
  • Played some really good Apex Legends this week
    • Had an epic end to an Armed and Dangerous game, pushing a house in Geyser as Caustic, getting a 5 kill with my ult at the final ring with a bunch of folks who thought they were safe, and giving us the win
  • Got some new trainers which will hopefully be comfier than my current ones
  • Started rewatching Misfits
  • Finished Schitt's Creek which ended really nicely
  • Watched Burn After Reading
  • Watched The Social Dilemma - considering what I should be doing differently with my social media / news intake
  • Watched South Park's 'best episodes' on Netflix

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