Week Notes 20#37

An exciting and busy week on the house hunt - my offer got accepted! I'm now going through the motions of getting the mortgage sorted, and taking next steps to survey the house and make sure we're all good.

  • Work's been OK, not too involved in anything, so been free to try and clear a few compliance / annoying things that are around the side of the team that at least means they won't have to do
  • Had some unfortunate technical issues with Jitsi at Thursday's PHPMiNDS after speaking quite highly about it to the speaker
  • Micropub rewrite is now probably ready (after 9 weeks!!). There are a couple of last pieces of validation I'd like to add to retain the same level of functionality as my current implementation, and then I also need to make sure that I've not missed anything glaringly obvious tests-wise, as the code hasn't always been as well considered as it's been a lot of ripping and refactoring in not-the-best way
  • Watched The Hotel Artemis
  • Started watching The Dutchess
  • Decided that I need to create a small application to make it easier to publish my Ring Fit workouts to Google Fit, as it's a pain converting miles to steps, and the time selection is annoying
    • Also thinking I need to backfill / POSSE the Google Fit data so I own it, too
  • Had another haircut, but didn't forgot to take a before photo, and I'll probably not share an after photo 😅
  • Had a great Spotify playlist, helping me discover tonnes of music, but it doesn't seem to be a "real" song radio, so I can't come back to it
  • My JWT.io article was featured in Cron Weekly and A Fresh Cup, which I submitted, but it was still pretty cool
  • Another week lapsing on Ring Fit - I only did Wednesday in the week, but at least partially caught up and did it on Saturday
  • Got some dark chocolate Krave for a weekend treat
  • Had an epicly good Asda pizza
  • Celebrated my 4 year anniversary at work

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