Week Notes 20#36

Another week spent a little unattached at work, but slowly making my way to being so-very-close to having my Micropub server live.

  • Pretty sure it's the CPU that was bust in my machine, as mid-week I was watching my analytics on my desktop, and it just died - so definitely not overheating / an issue under stress
  • Had nice catchups with Rich and Sophie, and Cat this week
    • Rich got me thinking about whether I look at pursuing tan.na again
  • Attended some of SpringOne, but unfortunately a lot of the talks I wanted to attend clashed with Homebrew/WiT, so I'm going to need to follow up with them
  • Had a pretty successful week with my article, Why I Actively Discourage Online Tooling like jwt.io and Online JSON Validators
    • Was pretty happy that I wrote and posted it so quickly, as although I've spent a few days thinking about it, I pretty much just sat down and wrote it
    • I've had > 20000 hits that I've recorded on Matomo, which is probably a very small amount of the total views that I've had, due to readers most likely having ad-blockers
    • Was re-posted to Hacker News, which increased the viewer count considerably, but was annoying I lost out on a lot of HN karma
    • Had a somewhat mixed reception, but mostly positive, and didn't take the comments too personally
    • Was featured in:
      • the hackernewsletter
      • Tech Nottingham's newsletter
      • NodeWeekly
  • Had my family up this weekend to visit the current house choice
    • was very happy that they enjoyed seeing it in-person, and after walking over, and seeing the trees and the nearby area
    • Had The Athenian for lunch, which was such a great choice, was really nice, and meant we didn't need to cook or do anything kitchen-based
    • Think I may have made my family's month as I gave them the first hug I'd been able to since early March. It was so nice, especially with such a momentous occasion, and I'm so glad I offered (quote from my mum - "it was the best moment of 2020" 🥺)
  • Put in an offer for the house! 🙀🤞
  • Started reading Cibola Burn
  • Had some more quite vivid dreams this week - one about visiting my old school again, and one where I moved into a team at work I wasn't expecting
  • Supporting a new starter for my new team, which is exciting, although we don't have as much interesting things to work on quite now
  • Turns out that telling Rikshaw to make sure the driver had everything before they deliver it actually worked!
  • Had a lovely Sunday afternoon in the Arboretum with Carol, Thom, Emma and Andrew, chilling, having some awesome BBQ brisket poutine, with smoked bacon (although it wasn't the fateful butter chicken poutine)
    • Was another lovely afternoon chilling, with a bit more normality
  • Considering replacing Netlify for media.jvt.me with a GCP bucket, so it updates quicker, and doesn't have the problem of image size long-term
  • My new team's (at least initial) work has been confirmed - will share more when I can
  • Missed Monday's Ring Fit as I was super sore after the weekend, and Friday as I was pretty knackered after WiT, even though it wasn't as late a night
  • Enjoyed the strong start to The Boys
  • Watched Zodiac which was very good, especially as we didn't know what was going to happen
  • Watched Zoolander

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