Week Notes 20#35

The best way to sum up this week is a slump, despite being a 4 day week.

  • As I didn't have my desktop, I spent Monday evening doing some slow blogumentation while watching South Park and Sausage Party which was nice, but I feel it would've been nicer on my desktop
  • Oddly was able to remember my dreams this week, most of which were weird
  • Managed to hurt my foot quite a bit - I think maybe two days solid at my standing desk and I don't think my feet are used to it
  • Wondering if my posture is less than ideal when standing
  • Had a great second viewing of "the" current house I'm looking at buying. Feeling really positive, but had a very not-positive conversation after with the family
  • Had a lovely Friday with Anna's family for her dad's birthday
    • We had our first inside meal which felt mostly like normal, although it was surprising how few of the staff were wearing masks
    • Little Klara was the cutest!
  • Finally got my PC working on Saturday, which may have actually been the motherboard after all, and means I didn't need to buy a new PSU, either
    • Realised that the reason the new CPU didn't work is that it was overheating, so that probably didn't help with my diagnosis
    • Going to monitor it over this coming week, then start returning/selling extras
    • Definitely feeling much happier now it's back up and running
  • Had a great time sleeping over at Emma and Andrew's on Saturday
    • Had such a lovely time - was nice to see them, and was wonderfully like normal again
    • Played Pistol Whip for the first time, and really enjoyed it, although I didn't quite get the timing right! It also managed to work a lot of muscles I don't exercise with Ring Fit, so I'm very sore today!
    • Got my slow-mo on for Superhot VR
    • Got a bit too engrossed in VR and fell on my pudding
    • Morph seemed to be happy with us being away, hopefully he'll be able to cope with us doing it more in the future
    • That conversation came up again, and brought with it the feelings of everything that happened, and what I should've done
    • Had a happy, somewhat hungover, Sunday gaming which was nice again
  • Had first KFC in a while
  • Had a super fun time with a recent update to Fire TV which caused the audio to be massively out of sync until we changed the default audio settings
  • Been seriously contemplating making my site dynamically rendered, with the same flat files in the backend
  • Hasn't been a great week health wise - only done 2/3 Ring Fit sessions, and eating a lot more chocolate than I really should have
  • Watched Sausage Party
  • Watched Bridesmaids
  • Watched Now You See Me
  • Regretfully watched Now You See Me 2
  • Partially watched The Invention of Lying

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